Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Baby Scarlett--she's here!

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I stared at this tiny baby warming bed for the longest time while we waited. Stared at it and tried to remind myself that this was real.

This was it.

It was really happening.

In only a matter of hours we would finally meet her. Finally get to hold her. Finally get to smother her with kisses, hold her and tell her how much we love her.  

I got the call early Friday morning that it was starting, that the contractions were coming and that they would be heading to the hospital soon.

Jeff dropped Oliver off at our house and I quickly started making phone calls, slapping peanut butter and jam sandwiches together for the kids for lunch, putting bottles together for Carter, changing diapers, writing down nap times on a scrap piece of paper, getting the playpen set up for Oliver with his taggy blanket and white noise and waiting for Judy, my dad and Terry to get here. All of a sudden when you have three very young kids to look after, it's not as easy to just jump in the car and drive off to the hospital to be with your sister when she's in labor.

But after several phone calls with mom, while screaming "Ahh!! Mom!! It's happening! Oh my gosh...OH MY GOSH! MOM!! We're having a baby!!", everything was in place, the kids were in good hands and I drove to the hospital as fast as I could.

I could feel my eyes starting to fill with tears as I slung my camera strap around my neck and started running from the parking lot towards the hospital.

"Room 45, room 45, room 45..." I kept saying to myself as I swung through the front doors of the building and ran for the elevators. I didn't want to miss a thing.

And thankfully, I didn't.

Mom, Jeff and I got to witness the most miraculous thing that day.

This sweet little girl, Scarlett Jacqueline, was born.

And she is absolutely perfect.

And Mya, Oliver and Carter? Well, they think she's pretty perfect too.
This was their first time meeting her...

and the cuddles and love that she got from all three kids was more than our hearts could even handle.

Even Carter, not even a year old yet, went in for a cuddle the moment that he met her..almost instinctively. It was the cutest thing ever.

And her big brother? Well, she's one lucky little girl to have such a great one.

He already adores her.

And I don't think that there was a dry eye in the room as these two little ones climbed up on a chair together and started gently rubbing her belly and "shhhh"ing her as she slept.

From sharing their new baby dolls with her...

to opening up new big brother, and new big cousin gifts...

there has been a lot of excitement in our family over the past couple of days.

And Jen? Well, she was a champ through and through. And can you believe how great she looks a day after giving birth?? Geeze louise. She puts me to shame. I was still a hot mess the next day after I gave birth to Mya and Carter. But Jen...well she looked like she just came back from the spa.

Congrats Jen, Jeff and Oliver!! Thanks for continuing our tradition of a baby a year for our family! Four kids under the age of three will certainly keep us busy for the next little while.

Now excuse me while I go across the street to get some more baby cuddles in.

Love Erica xo

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