Friday, 9 November 2012

"How do you do it all?"

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      It's a question that I get asked a lot by people. So I thought I'd take a minute to let you know exactly how I do the things that I do, especially with 2 kids in tow now.

     Here is the honest truth: I don't do it all. 

     When you see me making an elaborate fondant cake that takes literally hours and hours to complete, you know that there is laundry piled up in my basement and either Terry or another family member is looking after the kiddos. 

     When you see me baking up a storm, you know that my kitchen is a disaster and that it probably took me all day to get it done.

     When you see pictures of me out at fun places with Mya and Carter, you know that it took a lot to get us there...usually complete with rushing to get there on time, cranky tears, unexpected diaper changes or forgetting Mya's sippy cup.

Attack of the butterfly plants!

     When you see me putting together any of the parties that we throw, you know that it was months in the making...doing tiny bits and details along the way, always when Mya is in bed, fast asleep and usually in 10 minute time slots. 

     And you know that when I'm writing in this blog that I'm usually typing with one hand, holding my boy in the other, stopping to settle him back to sleep, nurse him or I just completely give up and finish the post the next day, while my girl again is fast asleep upstairs. And I write because I love to, so sometimes I leave the vacuuming until tomorrow so that I can just sit and write. Everything is a juggling act, and on a daily basis I choose what my priorities are and focus on only a couple of things at a everyone is doing, I'm sure. 

     A lot of people have been especially asking me how I managed to get our 13 Random Acts of Kindness completed with a 3week old and 2yr old. But let me tell you, it wasn't just easy peasy. First of all, I didn't do it all on my own. Jen and I did it together--that makes a huge difference. 
     And you know that meal that we made for a family?...well, it literally took us ALL day to make. No joke. One of us shredded the cheese, while the other held Carter and watched over Mya and Oliver as they ran around the house..then we'd take a complete break, take the kids outside to play, then come back in and tag-team, trying to get all of the ingredients into the pan or cut up. Really it was chaos. Complete chaos. But we were determined...completely determined to get it done and ready for that night for the family we were making it for. And those goodies beside the meal?..we pulled them out of our freezer. Our mom taught us to always have baked goods in the freezer, ready to be pulled out in a split second--particularly for purposes like these. So we bake when we have time, and then always have a supply of yummy treats to pull out whenever we need them. 

     To be honest though, I have yet to even attempt to make a meal completely on my own with a newborn and 2yr old in my arms--I've been pulling out either one of the meals that I made up ahead of time and froze (while I was pregnant) or we've been eating the delicious meals that our wonderful friends and family have made for us. At this point, the only way that I can envision being able to actually get dinner on the table each night is to literally take a few hours on either Saturday or Sunday when Terry is home and cook up a few meals each week and freeze them. That's my goal at least--how nice would it be to not have to think about what we'll have for dinner each night, or finding the time to actually put something together on time? I'm gonna give it a try.

     Anyways my point in all of this is that, just like everyone else out there trying their best to live the life that they envision for themselves, I try to balance my priorities, keep my focus on my family and try to maintain a sense of sanity within it all. Some days I feel stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted...while other days I feel like I can take on the world. But in the end, how I "do it" is by letting some things go, leaving room for whatever else I decide to tackle that day...while realizing that it's certainly not always glamorous or easy. Oh, and undereye makeup is key people--seriously...people tell me all the time that "You have a newborn, but you look so rested!" will fool them every time. Speaking of which, my bed is calling me...we'll be up  in a couple of hours, so better get some shut eye in when we can.


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  1. I have to say after looking at so many of your other posts of projects, parties and cakes that this post was so refreshing! ;) I have so enjoyed reading your blog!


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