Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Owl-themed baby shower...and a walk down memory lane

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I got an email today from Jackie, my sister-in-law (or, technically my sister's sister-in-law...but really, mine too--if we take away the technicalities). She was asking about a shower that we threw a long time ago. 

She wanted to see pics from our owl-themed baby shower, but the event was pushed so far back in my memory bank that I had to sit there for a minute and try to remember which shower she was talking about. But then it all came rushing back to me--it was Jen and Jeff's baby shower for Oliver. Before they knew that it was Oliver. Before they knew that they were even having a boy. 

So this post is for Jackie, really. To provide a little inspiration as she plans her own owl-themed baby shower. 

But honestly, it was kind of nice for me too--a little walk back down memory lane. When Oliver was only a tiny baby, tucked warmly away in Jen's belly, waiting to meet us all. 

*Diapers wrapped in a crib sheet, complete with a stork to carry the bundle--(pic of stork found online, brought it into Word, sized it, printed it on cardstock, then cut it out very carefully).

*Diaper tricycle (made of diapers, receiving blankets, bib, bottle, baby mitts)...and tiny baby Mya!
Candy guess (complete with candy colours that matched our colour theme)

*Mya (almost a yr old)...but take away the girly bow in her hair, and the dress..and all that I see is Carter in her. Two little blondies. To be honest, it kinda gives me baby fever again.


Thanks Jackie for taking me back down memory lane. 

And thanks Oliver for giving us such a great reason to celebrate two years ago. 
Love you, my little buddy.

Erica xo 

Saturday, 19 October 2013

What I'm loving...and what I'm not.

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A few things I've been loving these days...

1) Working on the kids joint birthday party.

This is what happens when Oliver, Mya and Carter are all born in the same month. It won't be joint every year, but they're still little enough to think it's great to do it together. So we'll roll with it.

I'm excited though, since this year we decided to only invite their little friends, like a BIG kid party (Mya tells me). Their friends who they play with regularly, who they've known since they were babies and who they really know to be their friends. We're all a little excited over here.

Here is a little sneak peak at what's to come...

but the rest is hidden away in my basement, away from curious little eyes and curious little hands. Because she just. can't. wait. 

2) Mya started pre-school.

She absolutely loves it.

But she loves wearing her new backpack just as much. Everywhere she goes.

3) Brother/sister chats on the couch...

finished off with a smooch goodbye.

 4) One year olds playing the piano. Doesn't miss a day without those fingers touching the keys.

5) Pumpkin patch fun today.


6) Finding this letter in my mailbox this week--well, Mya actually found it (as you can tell)...

...a one hour massage booked for me at my favourite spa in town. One of those fancy spas where you get a foot bath while flower pedals float in the water, and where a little chocolate is waiting for you on your massage table, while cucumbers are placed on your eyelids and candles are lit. It's absolute heaven.

He knows me too well this boy.
Knows me well enough to know that I'm too cheap, and too busy with the kids to book an appointment for myself...and smart enough to know that when his wife tells him that she wants a marriage full of surprises and thoughtful moments, he actually follows through. Thanks TBar.  

Things I'm NOT loving these days...

1) Why does she look like a teenager to me already some days??! Seriously. Stop it. Just quit your growing up so quickly--and let's not even begin to talk about how you're already on your way to school next year. Your mother is going to have a heart attack. Seriously.  

2) He found the liquor cabinet. 

And now all of our liquor has become a beautifully large center piece on our dining room table, up high away from tiny fingers.

Baby locks, here we come.

Those locks drive me nuts.

Happy weekend everyone!!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Halloween bark

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Just thought I'd pass along an easy and fun little idea for Halloween--for all of those chocolate lovers out there.

A couple of years ago when I posted a recipe for Easter Oreo bark I had an unbelievable amount of people telling me that they made it, loved it, and wanted to then make it again.

Because chocolate, Oreos, M&M 's and pretzels all smushed together makes for one decadent, delicious treat. And so I find myself waiting for Easter--waiting to have an excuse to get out my pastel coloured M&M's and make up another double batch.

But hey..it's Halloween soon. Why wait until Easter!?

With only one little change, you've got yourself some festive Halloween bark--so go nuts. Make up a triple batch. Give it to your neighbours for no reason. Leave it on your friends porch with a sweet little "no reason" note --because there is absolutely nothing better than opening your door to baked goods (thanks again Martina and Lucas for our treats that we found the other day at our door!). It absolutely made our day--AND even more thrilling was that they were all festive, being pumpkin muffins and all. Delish!

So, if you want to make up some Halloween bark...click here for the detailed recipe that I posted a while ago...and just swap out the pastel coloured M&M's for Reeses Pieces--(or they also have orange and brown Smarties right now at Bulk Barn which would work too). And if you don't have any chocolate bunnies from Easter frozen in your freezer, just use a big milk chocolate bar or those chocolate wafers. They're more expensive, but would work too.

I whipped up a couple of batches the other day and added them to a dinner that I was making for a friend whose hubby was away on a business trip and she is now on her own with a small baby and her young son. So I threw them in a Martha Stewart treat box (cause they're so darn cute)--from Michaels craft store--and they were ready to go.

I then grabbed some plastic treat bags, filled them up with the rest of the bark, tied them with black ribbon and secretly left them at some friends front doors. Because, as we say to the kids every day "Sharing is caring"! So I guess I better live what I preach.

So make up a bunch, write out some little notes and sneak them onto some front porches--we all need a little something to smile about some days. And this will definitely do it.


Erica xo
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