Friday, 4 October 2013

A Fresh Start

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Candles are burning in my house every day now, sending delicious scents of vanilla and hazelnut throughout
my main floor...

our wreath that I made last year is welcoming everyone who steps onto our front porch...

our mums have finally bloomed into beautiful yellow flowers...

and there is a huge squash still sitting on my counter, begging me to find the time to get my butternut squash soup made.

 It's fall and each of these things make me ridiculously happy.

I had a moment of realization the other day as I positioned my sparkly pumpkins on top of our piano and as Mya literally giggled with excitement as she saw the sparkly fall transformation take place right in front of her eyes.

"Pumpkins!" she kept saying, as she carefully ran her hands along the sparkles. And at that moment, I realized exactly why I love it so much when seasons change and when holidays arrive. Sure I love the baking, the family time, the parties and the decorations. But as I stood there explaining to Mya what fall was and why we were decorating with pumpkins and leaves, I found myself telling her that summer was now over and we were starting a new season. Summer is gone and fall is now here. It's the start of something new, a new beginning, a fresh start.

That's why I love it so much.

A fresh start. A new beginning. So much to look forward to. That really is why I love it so much.

So I welcomed this new season with visions of pumpkin carving with the kids (which I'll pretend to love every minute of, even though pumpkin carving is not exactly my cup of tea), soup boiling on my stove, jumping in the leaves and warm cozy clothes.

I'll teach my kids that life isn't always easy--and that's okay, because we get a fresh start with each new season, many times a year. When it feels like there is nothing to look forward to, they'll know that if you look closely enough, there actually is--even if it's just the prospect of pumpkin patches or baking leaf shaped cookies. There is always so much to look forward to.

I reminded myself of this yesterday as I got off the phone with my dad, tears in my eyes, after finding out that my grandma passed away that afternoon. I won't speak too much of this, because to be honest, it just feels too personal at this point--but as Terry held me and I cried, I realized that I was crying, yes, because I was sad. But the tears were also streaming down my face because I felt that she finally got her fresh start, in the most glorious, happiest place that there ever could be. No more pain. No more surgeries. No more waiting to be with her late husband who she so desperately missed. I was picturing her frail 98yr old body transformed into a healthy, happy woman, entering this most glorious place and running into the arms of her smiling husband. Together at last.

And that made me cry.

Mya- 6months old

Carter- 2months old

 And that, to me, is the most incredible fresh start that anyone could ever ask for.
Erica xo

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