Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tiny ballerinas...and waiting on baby

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So Jen's due date has come and gone.

Two days ago.

And still no baby.

We're trying to be patient, but patience when it comes to babies arriving certainly isn't my speciality. My own babies all came early, and I was still dying waiting for them.

I'll be sending labor vibes to her from across the street tonight. That little baby girl has no idea how many people are anxious for her arrival. We just. can't. wait.

But another little girl, who swept us off our feet almost 3yrs ago, had a big day this week too. Her first ballet class.

As I was getting her ready that morning, it gave me a small glimpse into how I know I will feel on her first day of school--and how she will undoubtedly be feeling as well. I had her tiny ballerina outfit all ready and laid out the night before, her snacks packed and the start date starred on our calendar. We talked about what ballet class would be like, how her little friend Ayva would be meeting us there and how we'd say goodbye to each other and I would come back and pick her up when class was over.

She was so excited. And so was I.

But as all of the tiny ballerinas were called into the room and I went to give her a kiss goodbye, she clung to my hand and wouldn't let go.

"No mommy" she said. "I go home now".

I crouched down and kissed her cheeks, whispering to her that I knew that she was brave and that I knew that she could do this. That she would have so much fun and that I'd be right outside the door waiting for her.

So as I led her into the room, her little hand clinging tightly to mine, I wasn't sure if she would ever let it go.

But as her little friend Ayva came over and guided her in as well, she let go...

and smiled, and twirled, and pranced around with the other little ballerinas...and my heart just about melted. She snuck over to me after only a few minutes into the class and I crouched down as she hugged my neck and she whispered softly to me "Mommy, I be so brave".

And I smiled, kissed her quickly as I whispered how proud I was of her, and she pranced off to join the other little girls.

My brave little tiny ballerina. This was her first class.

So proud of you Mya. You did great. 

Love Mommy xox 

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