Friday, 7 July 2017

School is out for summer--and baby is on her way

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So this is the week. The week that this baby is supposed to arrive. The week when the pains will come fast and fierce with great unpredictability and we'll all of a sudden bring a new little life into this world that will undoubtedly turn our world upside down--in a good way.

It's also the week when anxiety is running like wild fire through our house, with the unknown of how or when this baby is going to come. With the constant reminders from doctors, OB's and everyone in between who predict and have prepared me that since Sophia came within 40mins of the first contraction--running down the hospital hallway as she delivered herself--that this baby will follow suit, but even faster. Dreams of me pulling over on the side of the road and delivering a baby on the grass have haunted me for weeks, or lying on my living room floor with 3 little worried children surrounding me as we call 911 is causing my heart to pound in the middle of the night. So anxiety is definitely running high, and everyone is feeling it.

So as I sweep my feelings under the rug for the time being, I had a moment today of it's going to be okay as I looked through some of the pictures on my camera that I had taken over the past few months. It somehow reminded me that life will play out as it's supposed to, things will fall into place eventually and these crazy moments of worrying and anxiety will eventually be a distant memory.

So this post is really just for me--to remind myself of the simple things that are a good distraction from my worry, and to remind my brain to stop thinking and panicking. To just look back and smile at the little things that we have done recently that have nothing to do with racing to the hospital, babies being born in hallways or living rooms or on the side of the road.

So here we go...a little fun on the last day of school.

I wasn't sure if I'd even be able to be there for this event since I wasn't sure when baby was going to come--but I decided to at least plan it anyways and hope for the best (and ask for the help that I definitely needed this year in order to get all of the details ready and heavy pieces set up that day-thank you neighbours!). So I sent out invites to all of our wonderful neighbours and started putting things into place. And as the kids got off the bus on the last day of school they all ran up our court to trees full of balloons and streamers, music blasting, food galore, water guns, a slip n' slide, a sprinkler and kiddie pool all ready and all sorts of games and activities set out for them.

Because school is out for summer. So it's time to celebrate.

So kids got drenched with water guns...

adults hung out and caught up with each other over treats and drinks...

kids ran around to all of the activities...

and a huge water balloon fight began...

which was topped off with an ice cream bar, full of delicious toppings and yummy waffle cones for everyone.

And then just when we thought the party was winding down for the night...the big kids found the horse shoe game and the party kept rolling.

So summer has officially begun. And if I've learned anything from being a mom for the past 6yrs it's that it really doesn't take a lot to thrill kids and make some great childhood memories for them. So, with a little effort, a bit of coordinating and some very willing neighbours, I'm hoping that this is something that all of the kids will look back on and remember from their childhood one day.

And although I do have to reign myself in sometimes--since I'm more of a go big or go home kinda gal...I have learned that it's always the little things that mean the most to kids. So as I scrolled through the pictures on my camera last night and started to sort them all, I came across our Valentine's Day pictures from this year, which made me smile as I remembered how excited they were about the little love hunt that I put together for them around our house. Because a few hearts cut out of construction paper, leading them around the house to find the next clue meant that their little childhood memory box was filling up--

with such little effort on my part...

and cheap, yet thrilling treasures at the end of it all.

So as I think about the reality of our family in a week...having 4 kids 6yrs old and under...I'll remind myself of the truth of parenting: A little means a lot. A bit of effort can create the best childhood memories.

And on the hard days?  Well, I'll remind myself that chocolate will always be in the cupboard.


Happy summer everyone!! Keep your fingers crossed for no baby on the side of the road. Please!!

Erica xo

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