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Here are the links to the crafts/DIY projects that I've posted so far.

Tutu table

Painting a dresser

Wooden name 

Wooden name 

Button Letters 

DIY Bench Cushion

Pocket pillow

DIY storage baskets 

Re-covering a light fixture with fabric

Ruffled lamp shade

Fall wreath 

Fall button pumpkin

Christmas name card holder  

Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas ornaments 

Easiest DIY Christmas wreath ever

Covering an Ikea storage basket

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  1. Hi Erica, Sitting at Judy,s enjoying your lovely blog....Your a very busy lady, beautiful cakes, crafts, and the kids, wow...Miss Mya has become a liitle lady in the blink of an eye. Wonderful to see a close loving family sharing their joy with others. I,d love for you to meet my precious Grandaughter Ava, she just turned one and is up and on the go. I go every week, and spend the day with my daughter Vanessa and sometimes her fiance is home too, and when I am there, Ava pickle will not let anyone do things for her or with her except me, Grama Pickle!! And I sing everything to her as she hums along...she fills my heart and life with such joyous love...She is such a girlie girl, tutu,s dresses, hair bows, fancy clothes..I am so very proud of my daughter..she is such a devoted, calm loving Mother. Ava is a very blessed little girl, and we are blessed as well to even have her. Vanessa was told at 16 she would never have children becuase her Endometrosis was so bad and she was already on her 4rth surgery at such a young age, but God saw fit to bless us with beautiful little pickle...I admire all your wonderful cakes and crafts....going to make myself two bedroom lamps for my new bedroom, and also try your kit kat cake!! God Bless you and Regards....Lori Gray xo


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