Thursday, 7 November 2013

Western Birthday Party

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Sometimes throwing a party can feel like you've just run a marathon.

Okay, so not exactly as intense as a marathon. And well...okay, whose kidding who..I've never run a marathon before so I really have no idea. But I can imagine the prep work, the planning and the dedication that goes into it. And when you're done? Well, you probably just want to fall onto the couch and sleep for a few days. 

That's how I felt on Monday, after throwing all three kids a joint birthday party to celebrate Carter turning 1, Oliver turning 2 and Mya turning 3. We threw our cowboy hats on, and saddled up for a western party--and had a great time.  

And the prep work? Well, it was insane. So before I start showing you any pictures from the day, just know that this party was A LOT of work. So when people say to me "I can barely even get dinner made each night, how do you have time to do all of this when you have two little ones at home with you?" --let me tell you...I DON'T. It took over my nights for weeks on end. I don't think I watched a single TV show at night for weeks as I sat there, instead, cutting brown felt for the horses, burning my fingers on my glue gun, painting cardboard boxes, wooden boards and burlap and hand making all of the details for this day. 

However, I should also let you know that I LOVE doing this kind of stuff. So it was a labor of love. And every time that I'd sit there at 9pm, exhausted from the day (staring at the millionth pool noodle horses that I had to finish), just wanting to crash on my couch, I'd think about how much fun the kids would have galloping around my parents crescent...and I'd get a splurge of energy as I'd get my scissors and glue gun out once again.

And to be honest, it also felt like it should be a bit of a bigger deal of a party since it was a party for all three of the kids--so I may have gone a bit overboard...this time. But next year? Well, I'm cool with some candles and a cake..maybe a few balloons and a hand full of kids. Those parties make for the best memories too. 

So, to all of the little cowboys and cowgirls who came out to celebrate our kids' birthday--thank you. Thank you for coming and thank you for showing our kids so much love. And to those who helped with the details, thank you! From mom and Judy who baked up a storm, to dad who whipped up our welcome sign and wanted signs and helped to create the best little general store I've ever seen (oh, and spray painted all of the little gold nuggets to boot!). Thank you!

So, with all of this is our western party.

*And p.s. I'm selling off some of the items from this party on Kijiji, since I obviously don't need them anymore. So if you're interested in throwing your own western party, let me know.

Here ya go--our western birthday bash: 

Saddle (and bails of hay) courtesy of the amazing Krista S.--thank you!!

Our three birthday kiddos. 


Even cowgirls and cowboys need to take a break from parties to check on their baby cousin/sister.  

Panning for gold was definitely Mya's favourite part of the day...going back and forth from collecting her gold to heading to the general store to buy herself another treat. My hands were full of opened, half-eaten candy--because apparently the process is even more fun than the prize.

Goody bags for the kids, complete with caramel/cheese popcorn and a mega huge chocolate Rice Krispie treat (because, well..those three little men on the corner of the Rice Krispie square are wearing that was western enough for me!).

Thanks for a great afternoon cowboys and cowgirls!!!

Erica xo


  1. very cool! How did you make the pool noodle horses?

  2. Thanks! I just folded over the tops of the pool noodles (to make the head of the horse) and tightly wrapped the string around it a few times and tied a tight knot. Then I bought a bunch of brown felt (got mine at Walmart), cut out circles for the nose and glued them on with a hot glue gun. Then measured from the top of the head down the 'back' of the horse to figure out how long the mane needed to be--then cut 2 long rectangles, then cut slits up each of them to make it look like hair. Then glued them down with my glue gun again. Then glued large googly eyes on. Hope this makes sense--if you have any other questions let me know! :)


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