Sunday, 22 September 2013

Plants vs Zombies cupcakes...and some lessons from kids

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Am I just completely out of the loop, or does anyone else not know what Plants vs. Zombies is??

I learn so much from kids.

Apparently I've been living in a hole, since I literally had no idea what this game was when I was asked to make cupcakes for a little boy's birthday this past week.

So after Googling it and figuring out what it was, and then deciding how I was going to create cupcakes based on this foreign Plants vs Zombies thing, I came up with some little cupcakes--and found out that I must be completely in the dark for not knowing what this whole Zombie thing really was.

Creepy, eh??

As I was in the middle of making each of the little characters, Jen and Jeff popped by, not knowing that I was in the middle of working on these little guys--and they immediately took one look at the toppers and got all excited...

"Hey! Plants vs. Zombies! These are so great!".

Really? You know what these are?? I asked.

"Oh yea..we play this game all the time!"

Geeze louise.

Then Terry came home a little while later and poked his head into our dining room to take a look at what I was working on..

"Hey it's a Pea Shooter!" he said. "These look so much like the real characters. I love Plants vs. Zombies".

I looked at him in disbelief. What...the a Pea Shooter???

(Apparently this is a Pea Shooter) 

I must be so out of the loop.

So I've learned a lot. This little boy who celebrated his birthday by eating a zombie head right off of his cupcake taught me that I can now confidently go back to school after Christmas without being the out-of-it teacher who doesn't know the latest and greatest in video games. These things are important people. Seriously.

And Mya? Well she learned a lot about some pretty important stuff today too. When we got together for a family birthday celebration, her wonderful second cousin gave her a detailed explanation about his Lego characters--their names, what they do, how their heads can pop off...all the good stuff that she had never been exposed to before.

So she sat there and intensely listened to every word that he said, trying to take in all of this cool information about these tiny little Lego men that she had never heard of before.

I think I know what she'll be asking for now for her 3rd birthday.

And her older cousins? Well, I'm sure that they will have plenty to teach her as well as she grows up...boy advice (only after she's 30yrs old though, of course), school advice...and all the good girly stuff.  

Happy birthday Sebastian and Grandad!

Going to go dig my head out of my dark hole now. So grateful for good ol' cupcake orders and lessons from smart kiddos.

Erica xo

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