Friday, 2 August 2013

35 Lessons From Mom and Dad

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I wrote this list a few years ago--long before I even thought of having a blog or documenting our life in writing for my kids.

I had, though, the same intentions when I wrote this list as I have now as I write in this little blog: to write it down so that I don't forget.

If I were to write this list again, after having kids, I'd add a million more great lessons that they've taught me since Mya and Carter were born. But there are still SO many great things here that I will pass on to my own kids, remember for myself, and pass on to anyone willing to listen. They're all lessons that either mom and dad have taught me directly, or indirectly--some of the greatest lessons from parents come from simply watching them live.

So, here you go.

If it's in writing, I won't forget.

Pass it along if you can, share it, tweet it, 'like' it--because seriously, my hope is that at least one great little lesson might be passed along to someone who needs it.


35 Lessons From Mom and Dad: 

1) Don't expect that since your children are full grown they don't need you anymore. If anything, they need you even more than ever as adults.

2) Being happy is a conscious decision that you make on a daily basis. Wake up and decide each day to be happy.

3) If we were all the same our world would be a very boring place.

4) Fill your house with laughter, don't fight in front of your children and say 'I love you' at least twice a day.

5) Some men cheat--but not all. Keep searching until you find a man who you can trust in ALL situations in life and never settle for anything less.

6) If your partner brings drama to your life and makes you cry a lot you are with the wrong person. Your partner should not bring drama to your life--he/she should be your safe place to fall. There will be so many other negative, dramatic, uncomfortable, hurtful situations brought into your life by the rest of the world--your relationship with your spouse should be loving and calm. Life is stressful enough--your spouse should not contribute any more to that.

7) As a parent, you (and you alone) have the ability to make your children's lives stable and secure, or chaotic and unstable. It is forever your responsibility for the entirety of their lives, to decide to do whatever it takes to make sure that their lives are stable and happy.

8) Two people cannot fight if one person refuses to.

9) Eat together as a family every night.

10) At Christmas, decorate your tree with the family while Christmas music is playing in the background and while drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows in it.

11) Always have a measuring tape on every floor of your house.

12) Keep band-aids in the junk drawer in your kitchen--when you need one you'll appreciate it.

13) Do as much around your house as you can to save money, but know your limits--hire someone for certain jobs.

14) Pick up your kids from school one day unexpectedly and take them to Mc Donald's for lunch. They'll never forget it.

15) If you sometimes don't have time to actually clean your house, just keep it tidy. It's the trick to making it appear clean.

16) Go for ice cream to celebrate after your kids recitals/performances/games--it'll make them feel special, regardless of whether they won or not.

17) Live a balanced life. Make sure that you maintain your health, body, mind, spirit and social life. If you're doing too much of one thing, the others will suffer.

18) Wake up every morning and tell yourself that you love your spouse and want to be with them--whatever you say and think will become reality.

19) When having guests over always keep an eye on their wine glasses and refill when necessary.

20) Save, save, save your money. But don't be afraid to spend it when appropriate.

21) Don't buy anything that you can't pay for in cash (except a house).

22) Love is showing up. You can tell someone that you love them all you want, but you need to be physically present in their lives on a daily basis and show up for all of the little moments and big moments for them to truly feel loved by you.

23) Take your kids to live theatre. It teaches them to appreciate different forms of entertainment instead of just watching TV, movies, etc.

24) Teach your children to say "sorry" by saying it yourself to them when needed.

25) When it's raining outside, put your kids in their bathing suits and dance in the rain together.

26) Have frosted beer glasses in your freezer at all times. Everyone loves a good cold beer.

27) Buy your kids random, unexpected (but cheap) things that they like throughout the year for no reason--it'll make their day.

28) Cut up your kids sandwiches into fun shapes and put little love notes in their lunchboxes for them.

29) Force your children to take swimming lessons--through all of the levels. Being a strong swimmer or not is NOT their choice to make--there are too many situations that they'll encounter in life where swimming is necessary and it can ultimately save their life one day.

30) When eating at a restaurant with your family, order water if you want to save money. You can save as much as an entire extra meal would cost by not buying a pop/juice etc for each family member.

31) Live below your means. You never want to be house poor.

32) Don't put white carpet in your house. It will look beautiful, but you'll spend a fortune on AAA cleaning bills (true story).

33) If you have more than one child, make a point of making sure that you do everything as equal as possible for them. Children (even adult children) need to feel like they are loved equally...down to the last penny or dime or time spent on/with them.

34) People don't change unless they really want to. Instead, change the way that you react to them and change your expectations of them so that you're not constantly disappointed, frustrated or angry.

35) Surround yourself with successful people and you will become successful too.  

Thanks mom and dad...the list could go on and on, but my bed is calling me.

Love you mom and dad.

Erica xox

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