Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sending out an S.O.S.

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There won't be any pictures on this post as I can barely muster the strength to even write this afternoon, and really...I'm not sure what pictures I would even think of adding this time.
Terry got laid off from his job on Monday morning.

Just breathe, I keep telling myself.

We had heard whispers of more lay-offs to come in his company, but had our fingers crossed that we wouldn't be touched by them. Wishful thinking I guess.

I know we'll be okay, eventually. Right now we're not, really. We're mourning the loss. We're trying to figure out what to do. A million negative thoughts of our future, our present and our family situation are running through our heads. It's like a punch to the gut. Anyone who has ever been laid off I'm sure knows the feeling. Your world that was once what it was, is now gone and a new sort of world and reality is having to emerge.

I waited until Terry gave me the 'okay' to post this as these past couple of days have been a bit of a blur for all of us, as we're letting the reality of it all slowly sink in. With me being on maternity leave and having a new baby at home, it only adds more stress to the situation. But we both decided that the best thing to do was to tell people. My dad has always said that networking is the best method for finding jobs. So, here we are. Asking for any of our wonderful friends to please keep your ears open for any job opportunities coming up in your company or otherwise. Thank you, a million times over.

Then just to add a cherry on top, when we thought that we had been given enough to handle for one week, Mya and I came down with the worst flu bug ever yesterday. We both spent the entire night last night being sick, running to the bathroom at least 10 times in the middle of the night...then running into her room to clean up her bedding and sheets as well. I don't think I've ever been so sick in my life. And our poor little Mya...she's never been so sick either. I haven't left my bed all day now. So in trying to find at least a bit of a silver lining in this less-than-perfect situation that we're going through, I'm at least grateful that Terry is home this week to take care of us. He's been bringing Carter upstairs to me so I can feed him, then quickly taking him away...and he's been on permanent popsicle duty. And my mother-in-law has been here all day helping him take care of a sick 2yr old, a sick wife and a 4month old baby. Thank you Judy.

What a week.

Here's the thing though. In my foggy sick brain, I know that this illness will pass. It will not last forever. And the job thing? We'll figure something out. I'm not sure what yet, which is of course the scary part. But we'll eventually be okay.

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