Saturday, 9 February 2013

Nesting..or something like that

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   I feel like I'm nesting again. That feeling of complete urgency to get things done. That feeling that life might just be over if I don't get the kitchen painted this week. Yes, the kitchen painted. I'm not even sure why I want the kitchen to be painted, but I do. And I need it done now.

    I've been looking through every drawer in our house and feel desperate to get them cleaned out and organized. I want to purge everything. Get the stuff out of our house that is cluttering up our space.

      I want to spray paint our picture frames going up our staircase. Today. Yesterday, really. Why? I don't know. I all of a sudden think that having white frames would be softer, nicer to look at than the black frames that we currently have. I'll be buying spray paint this weekend..probably today actually. Cause yes...I want it done right now.

     I've already painted Carter's it actually. It was freshly painted by my wonderful parents when I was pregnant, but I ended up hating the colour that I chose. It was too dark for the size of the room. I'd sit in the rocking chair late at night, nursing my sweet little boy, while feeling like the walls were caving in on me. It needed to be changed.

     So we went for the exact opposite of what was once there: from dark gray to a soft cream colour. And I love it. It's calming. Warm. Soft. Unfortunately hard to see the true colour in these photos since I took the pics at night, but it's wonderfully calming and I love it.  

    I've organized our linen closet. Donated half of what was in there to Goodwill and feel so much better already (pics to come).

   I've been working on organizing Mya and Carter's toys and playroom downstairs and I have this urge to bake...a lot. I want to bake a million yummy treats. I have no idea why.

Mya doesn't mind this part at all.

Thanks for the adorable apron Kim, Jamie & Seb! 

We made up some delicious peanut butter balls the other day. We used this recipe if you wanted to give them a try. I just added more peanut butter and less butter to make them super creamy. They were to die for.

Didn't I just write about how I was enjoying how things were slowing down around here? Geeze.

At least my urge to bake comes in handy with Valentine's Day coming up next week. Someone else is getting excited about Valentine's Day as well.

     Isn't it strange though? All of a sudden to be feeling this way? I'm clearly not pregnant (although, that would be amazing). No big life changes are happening at the moment (ie. about to have a baby, or going back to work after having a baby) -which can sometimes (ok, all the time) lead me to turn into a crazy organizing/cleaning woman. It's just strange. Who knows. 

     Anyways, in my desperation to get things organized, I thought I'd pass along a super easy and free way to organize any drawer in your house. I saw this idea online and thought I'd give it a try in my mess of a makeup drawer. There are a lot of drawers that I'd like to tackle in our house, but I thought I'd pick the worst of the worst.

    Here was my original reality. A complete disaster.

    So with a few empty boxes, cut down to size and covered with scrapbook paper, you've got some cute little 'baskets' to store your stuff. And the best part? It cost me absolutely nothing (since I already had the paper on hand).

     It's as easy as this:

1) Dump everything in your drawer and go through it--getting rid of stuff you don't use. Then grab some boxes and line them up in your drawer.

2) Cut them to size and start wrapping them in scrapbook paper (I just used tape to keep everything together).

3) Once all wrapped, put your items in the new bins and you're done!

Side note: This is also a perfect activity to do with a girly 2yr old who loves playing with makeup. She spent a good 45mins taking things out of the bins and putting them back in..great sorting activity (says the kindergarten teacher in me!). Oh, and it's fun to smear lip gloss all over your face too. True story. 

Nice and neat.

Can you believe that it used to look like THIS??

Happy organizing!

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