Tuesday, 11 December 2012

What I love

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     I've found that in life, it's always the little things that I love the most. Here are a few of my recent favourites:

1)  Our annual tradition of taking the kids to see Santa and getting all of us in the shot. We've grown by one baby a year since Mya was born, with hopes that the baby train won't stop any time soon...Santa's gonna have to get a bigger lap. I love this because we all look so darn happy sitting there with Santa... 

...then in two seconds flat it all goes downhill, quickly.

    I'd like to say that these pictures don't crack me up...because that would just be mean to laugh at your own children...but honestly. Mya high-tailin' if off of the couch is what gets me the most. But I'm not laughing. Promise.

And just as a side note: both kids were completely fine and smiling once again just minutes after getting out of there--Santa is apparently better to look at from afar. What a completely bizarre concept though really...making kids sit on some strange man's knee who looks nothing like anyone they know. I understand the tears. Still not laughing though.

2)  A surprise hunt for an early Christmas present from my wonderful hubby. I just love this guy.

Look what I found at the end of my hunt. Oh Terry...what a gem. He knows that I've been wanting a Blackberry for so long now (a white one in particular). Thanks my love. I've been smiling for days now. And hey, you can BBM me now! ..that's apparently Blackberry talk. I'm learning. 

3) Being the recipient of a wonderful random act of kindness. How incredibly surprised I was tonight as I opened my door to see my friend Jenny standing there, her arms full as she passed me a Christmas bag full of delicious food. She and her girls made us a wonderful meal, complete with dessert and a beautiful Christmas book for the kids. Thank you Jenny, Maddie and Kylie! You girls are superstars and I can't even begin to tell you how much we appreciate your kindness. Jenny told me that my sis and I had inspired her with our random acts of kindness, but really, you girls have inspired me. These girls are going around the city in the weeks before Christmas and bringing smiles to people's faces with every kind act that they perform. You're making a difference in this world girls!Thank you a million times over.


4)  Quiet times with my boy.  

     I can't even tell you how much I love this new little soul. It's a love that overwhelms me at times since you really can't imagine being able to love another being as much as you do your first child. But it's possible.,.oh man, is it ever possible.

     It's usually during the rare quiet times that I get completely alone with him that overwhelm me the most. I just look at him, breathe him in and whisper to him over and over again how much I love him and how lucky I know I am to have been chosen to be his mama. I just love this little man so much. 
And my sweet little Mya? The moment that she was born she taught me what it meant to love greater than you ever thought possible. She is my girl. My heart. My love.  

5) Carter meeting his great grandma for the first time. Her health is unfortunately failing her, so it meant the world to me for her to be able to meet our little Carter and see Oliver and Mya again. She was just as thrilled as we were that day.

6) Christmas parties. We went to our first Christmas party of the season and came away feeling like Christmas had officially begun. Thanks Andra and AC for a great afternoon!   

Oh, and cute little party dresses--complete with a little itch. I just love a mini party dress!

Opening her secret Santa gift. Her secret Santa knows her oh so well...a baby doll for Mya is nothing short of the perfect present. She likes to think that she's a mama-in-training every day with her dolls...thanks Alex, Russ, Ayva and Violet! :)  


     Looking forward to a busy week ahead full of planning for Christmas, baking, parties and going through our house and bagging up old toys and clothes to donate them. Purging and organizing before Christmas is my big goal this year. With new toys and presents bound to fill up our house soon, it's my goal to go through the toys that Mya doesn't play with anymore and our clothes that we just don't need and donate them. Excess to me is never a good thing and purging and organizing always makes me feel better. Here's to a great week!    

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