Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Cookie Exchange

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     So Jen and I decided that hosting a cookie exchange with a one year old, two year old and an infant in our arms would be a super idea. We get these ideas in our heads and just go for it...which means that we end up doing some pretty fun things sometimes. But it also means that Terry looks at me a lot throughout our marriage, as I'm trying to juggle a million things at once, and says "Why do you do this to yourself?".  And fair enough...I mumbled those same words to myself the day before the party as Jen and I had all three kids crying at the same time as we were trying to hang shiny snowflake thingy's from the curtain rod over the table. Because you know, you just really need shiny snowflakes thingy's hanging over your table to make it feel like a festive event, right? As we abandoned the snowflakes and calmed all of the tears, I did in that moment think, Terry is right...why do I do this to myself? But that thought is always fleeting, lasting for a split second, then quickly escaping my mind as I remind myself that this is what life is all about. Celebrating with friends, making memories for our kids, having a good time and purposely creating and living out the experiences that we envision for our kids and ourselves. Even if it's not all smooth sailing and easy along the way, it's definitely worth it in the end.

     So after an S.O.S. was sent out to our parents the morning of the cookie exchange, they were all of a sudden at our house vacuuming, dusting, holding Carter and entertaining the kids as Jen, Terry, Jeff and I ran around getting everything else ready. If you call in the troops they come, every time. Even though mom worked the night shift the night before, she was all smiles and ready to help. I have no idea what we would do without them. Thanks mom and dad!

    With all of this is our little cookie exchange in a nutshell. What a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Definitely worth all of the work for all of the great memories made.   

Snowman Soup for the kids...(A.K.A. hot chocolate)

And peanut butter cups and Hershey`s Kisses for the adults, tucked into cute little Santa and reindeer bags. 

*Please note the lovely darn little shiny snowflakes hanging from the curtain rod...yes, we finally got them all up. And did I mention that Jen actually strung each and every one of those little snowflakes herself?  For the amount of work that these ridiculous snowflakes took, you can bet that you'll forever see these snowflakes at each and every party that we throw from now on. Even in the summer time.

Reinbeer anyone? 

The lucky guests who had a penguin sticker on the bottom of their mug or beer won a Christmas present. We had two lucky winners that afternoon. Congrats Jason and Alex!

Cute mini party dress #2. Complete with her favourite pose--crossed legs.

The aftermath of people starting the cookie exchange...our counter was jam-packed with bags of cookies. It was absolute cookie Heaven.

As our house is finally back in order after a huge cleanup last night (thanks Jeff for staying so long!), we're off to two more parties today. Happy weekend!

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