Monday, 29 October 2012

Someone just turned 2

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     Tears. There have been many over the past few weeks. But Friday were tears of happiness and surprise...because when I couldn't do it myself, my wonderful friends and sister took over for me.

    Our little girl turned 2 this past Saturday. And in the whirlwind of everything that has happened I just couldn't get it together enough to throw Mya the big birthday party that she deserves...and I was feeling really really guilty about it. I realize that she's only two and really, she wouldn't necessarily notice if her birthday came and went without a huge celebration and all of the fixings and details that I love putting together. But she's my girl..and I wanted it for her. I wanted her to feel the excitement, the love, the thrill of everyone coming to celebrate her. And although we were still planning to of course have a little family celebration for her, I still wanted her to have the party with her little friends and ours as well that I had always envisioned.

    She got it though. But even better.

     As I got the kids out of our van on a dreary, rainy Friday morning and walked up the steps to my friend Andra's house, I had absolutely no idea what was in store for my girl.

     I opened the door, Mya in my arms, Carter asleep in his car seat, and walked in to hear "Surprise! Happy Birthday Mya!". It took me a moment to even process what was happening as I scanned the room to see the faces of my wonderful friends, Jen and all of their little ones running around holding balloons, squealing with excitement.

    Before I could even say a thing, tears filled my eyes as I began to process the reality of what they had done for me and our little girl. Saying 'thank you' is not even enough to thank them for what they gave me that day. They gave my girl something that I couldn't...and they took away the mommy guilt that I just couldn't shake. I am forever grateful to you girls...thank you a million times over.

    I walked in to find Andra's house decorated beautifully in pink and white decorations, balloons, streamers, a table full of delicious food, a pile of presents and cupcakes waiting to be eaten. Overwhelmed just isn't even a strong enough word for how I was feeling. I was thrilled and incredibly surprised. You got me girls...big time.

 Thank you girls for being so thoughtful, sneaky and wonderful...I'll never forget it.



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