Saturday, 3 November 2012

13 Random Acts of Kindness

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     October has been a busy month for our family. With bringing Carter home, Halloween and celebrating both Mya and Oliver's birthdays, there has been little room for boring.

     Halloween party with friends and trick-or-treating on a dreary (but very fun) night meant for a fun-filled week...and lots of candy..for the kids of course. I won't tell you that I've eaten at least 10 mini chocolate bars today alone--oh dear. GET THEM OUT OF MY HOUSE PLEASE!

Trick-or-treating fun...
It's hard to get this little chicken to give up her superstar sunglasses...even when it's dark out. 
Yes, that's our little pumpkin poking out of Terry's coat, all wrapped up under blankets and sleeping through all of the fun.

     With Halloween and birthday celebrations filling up the month of October, I didn't want to forget about a little tradition that Terry and I started last year in order to celebrate Mya's birthday. As her first year approached we decided that in order to help to teach her about caring for others we'd start a tradition of performing random acts of kindness together around the date of her birthday. Click here to see what we did last year.
     Since Mya was 12months old last year, we decided we'd go out and do 12 random acts of kindness. So with another year behind us, we decided to add another act this year and include all of the kiddos (since really we're now celebrating all three of them). So Jen and I went out this month and performed 13 random acts of kindness with all 3 kiddos.  

Here is what we did: 
1) Smiled at everyone we passed on the street.

2) Put food in the food bank bin at the grocery store.

3) Brought cupcakes to our neighbours for no reason.

4) Held the door open for everyone at the mall.

5) Bought a large coffee for the next person in line behind us at Coffee Time.

6) Made a meal for a family with two young girls and a newly pregnant mom who has been feeling pretty rotten with morning sickness. But really, wouldn't anyone (kids or not..sick or not) love to have someone show up at their door unexpectedly with a complete meal ready to be eaten that night? Doesn't get better than that.

7) Brought shopping carts back to the grocery store that were randomly left all over the mall. This one took about a million hours to do since little people like to do things all on their own, even if it means crashing into every bench and wall along the way...but they did it!

8) Put loonies on kids rides so some little kiddos could have a free ride.

9) Put loonies randomly around Dollarama for people to find.

10) Wrote a letter to Terry telling him how much I love and appreciate him. I think love letters are a bit of a lost practise...thought it was time to bring it back (especially when there are so many reasons to tell him why I love him after the first few weeks of having a new baby in our house).

11) Sent a card to a friend for no reason other than to let her know that we were thinking of her.

12) Thanked our mail lady for always being so friendly to us and for doing her job in this mucky weather.

13) Made a point of telling someone how much we appreciated them and why. There is nothing better than having someone let you know what you mean to them, while listing out the specific reasons why you appreciate them.

So that's it...Happy Birthday to our little Mya, Oliver and Carter. Here's to teaching our kids about kindness, caring and thinking of others before ourselves. I don't think there is anything more important.

Have a great weekend!!

And happy birthday today to my wonderful dear Kristyn! xox

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