Monday, 14 May 2012

Thomas the Train Cake..and Mother's Day Love

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     With a cake order due on Saturday for an adorable little boy named Anthony (along with a fabulous 2nd birthday party) and Mother's Day the very next day...this weekend was full of fun, excitement and love shooting from all directions. I love these kinds of busy weekends. It makes you stop and realize what life is really all about--being with people, celebrating, enjoying the little moments and making a point of taking time out of report card writing, vacuuming, yard work and the craziness of "oh my gosh, it's almost the end of year and there's so much to do" stress. Sometimes you just have to walk away from it all for a moment, turn your brain off and go party with the ones you love. That's exactly what we did.

    Here is the Thomas the Train cake that I made for little Anthony's 2nd birthday party (Keri, this pic is for you).  :)

With a little birthday party fun to follow...

We're waiting in such anticipation for the news of this little boy's arrival! Any moment now!

There were a whole lotta baby bumps goin' on that day...

After the fun of a wonderful Saturday afternoon full of cake, delicious food, great company and lots
of play time outside, we got a good night sleep and started the celebrations all over again the next day.

There's nothing like being celebrated for being a mom...something that I love being more than anything in the world. And having so many moms now in our family, we made a point of getting together to celebrate us all this Mother's Day. A delicious Sunday brunch at mom and dad's house with Mya running around, Oliver practicing his standing skills and all of us just relaxing, enjoying each other's company and filling our bellies full of amazing food was absolute perfection.

Here are all of the mamas in our family with their babies. I told Terry he needed to hop onto his mom's hip like Mya and Oliver..but for some reason he didn't think that was the greatest idea.

Mya and her Papa spent some time working away at their writing skills...she didn't even have time to take her coat off before she ran over to my old little table that I used when I was her age and started scribbling away on her paper. Too cute. And yes, that's my old little kitchen set behind them from about 30yrs ago (that my parents kept stored away for the anticipation of future unborn grandchildren). I thought they were nuts years ago for keeping all of this stuff, but I completely appreciate it now as I watch my own daughter loving all of my old toys.  

And we couldn't have asked for better weather as we went for a beautiful walk through the neighbourhood to finish off our afternoon...(and yes, that little red wagon was from my childhood as well..stored in their garage for years).

Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful moms out there! Hope you enjoyed getting spoiled on your special day.

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