Thursday, 17 May 2012

YEA!! We found out!!

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     It's a BOY!!!!!
     We went today to our follow up ultrasound from the other week, and everything went beautifully. We went to a different ultrasound clinic this time with the hope that their rules might be different about telling people the sex of their baby. And I'm so glad that we did.

     The ultrasound technician was kind, caring and chatty...talking me through what she was doing, what pictures she was taking and pointing out all of the little details on that beautiful little boy. Before she even started the ultrasound she asked if I wanted to find out the sex, which was shocking to me..but thrilling. She told me that some ultrasound clinics were following the new rule of keeping the sex a secret from couples, but not theirs. So I of course told her yes, and within about 2 minutes she knew that it was a boy (but kept it a secret until Terry was allowed in the room).
     So I laid there in incredible anticipation, waiting for her to take all of the necessary pictures and willing her to tell me that she was finished so that Terry could finally come in. When he finally walked through those doors I locked eyes with him and smiled, telling him that she knew. He smiled and I could see the excitement in his eyes. Then we finally got to see that secretive screen, as she turned it towards us and showed us every inch of that perfect little boy. She showed us every part of him...his tiny little arms that wiggled around, his legs and teeny little toes, his head, face and each little finger. It was just amazing. Then she pointed at the screen, and said "So you're having a boy!". I smiled at her then turned to look at Terry and he was beaming, which made me beam with happiness as well.
     It felt so surreal this time round. With Mya it felt different finding out that she was a girl. We were just as excited and thrilled to find out, but this time round the moment that she said "boy", I immediately thought of Mya and what that meant for her. She'll have a brother. What will that relationship look like? Only having a sister myself, I don't know what a relationship between a brother and a sister looks like. Will they still be as close as Jen and I are? Will they tell each other their deep dark secrets? Will they stick up for each other when it feels like no one else is? I love now trying to picture what the future might look like, picturing the two of them playing together, loving on each other, Mya being proud to show off her new little brother.

     I love thinking about how wonderful it will be having both a boy and girl, the excitement of the unknown, a new adventure and a new way of life for our little family, now adding one more to the mix. I love thinking about my little boy running up to me, wrapping his arms around me and him growing up to be protective of his sister. I love imagining what the future might hold...that Terry and I now have the privilege of being able to raise a boy to turn into a wonderful, caring, loving young man. My mind is running wild with the excitement of the unknown, the excitement of now being able to decorate his little nursery and plan for the arrival of this already loved little boy. The moment that she said "boy" it all of a sudden became incredibly real to me and it was as if I fell in love all over again at that very second.

     I know that I would be feeling just as thrilled if the technician had said that it was a girl, as I again would have started picturing what that now would look like for Mya having a sister to grow up with. What a blessing that would have been as well. That's what's so incredible about babies really doesn't matter if it's a boy or's just a complete blessing either way. I'm so glad though that we were able to find out, as the planner in me is now able to start the process of preparing for this wonderful little boy to come. We can finally give him a name and start to talk about him to Mya, telling her that she has a sweet little brother on the way and trying to figure out how to wrangle up enough boy clothes now to dress this little one! (So, p.s....if anyone out there has any boy clothes that they're looking to sell/get rid of, please drop me a line!).

    I'm sure I'll fall asleep tonight to visions of boy names dancing in my head.


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  1. Congratulations!! I loved reading your reaction as it felt so familiar to learning about noah :)


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