Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A little sunshine

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     After it rains, the sunshine is always bound to come out. And if it doesn` better go find it.
The beginning of the week wasn`t perfect. But oh how the love and support of others can help you get through just about anything. I'm over it now though...moving on. My theory is that it`s really not healthy or necessary to drag a bad day, I decided Tuesday morning that I better (purposefully) make the most of the rest of the week. Hence, happy moments found (or created) throughout the rest of my week:

Happy moment #1

Brad took Mya out to the barn to see the cows, just the two of them. So sweet. I love how little memories can be made from the smallest gestures.

Happy moment #2

What`s better than a spontaneous trip to Dairy Queen for delicious blizzards? Did you know that DQ has `buy one blizzard, get the second for 99 cents` until the end of the month? (at least at the DQ by my house). Ya...amazing. We put Mya down for the night and I called my sister Jen and we headed down the road to pick up blizzards for our hubbies and ourselves. Ice cream just makes everything better. Period.

Happy moment #3

Thinking of Mya becoming a big sister. Seeing how much she absolutely adores her cousin Oliver melts my heart. She is so loving and caring towards him and actually wiggles with excitement when she sees him. I love seeing her natural instincts kick in as she tries to put blankets on him, hand him toys that he can't yet play with, kiss him excessively and hug him until he lets her know that he's had enough. I can`t wait to see how much she loves on her new sister or brother.

Happy moment #4

Mya helping me hang laundry outside. I love how she's growing into such a wonderful little person. Watching her pull laundry from the basket and try to put it on the rack makes me realize how much she is learning from every single thing that we do (good or bad). Big responsibility--but so much fun to see.

Happy Moment #5

Swings! Enough said.

 Happy Moment #6

Spontaneous dance party with my kindergarten kids today. Sometimes you just have to let kids dance. So after noticing some wigglers at my carpet during a lesson, I decided what's better than cranking up the tunes and just letting them dance. And oh did they ever dance! I love that these are the kinds of childhood memories that they'll hold onto.

...and tomorrow is my day off. So meeting with friends and just relaxing with my babe is what I'm most looking forward to. I guess a bad moment at the beginning of the week can be altered pretty quickly if you find some joy in the little things that really matter.

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