Thursday, 8 October 2015

Carter is 3!

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This is what 10:30pm scrambling to blow up balloons and get the table set for the next morning looks like--because if you put out some fun party plates, fun straws and cups and blow up some balloons, you all of a sudden have a quick breakfast party, right before school. 

Because our boy turned 3 yesterday. 

"I know I have fun party straws somewhere" I told Terry as I ran around at the last minute trying to put things together. He looked at me like really, do you need party straws?....

"It's all about the details. He needs a fun straw to drink his milk out of in the morning. It'll make him feel like this day is different than normal, like it's YES I need the straws--and I need those fun pirate cups. He'll love drinking from a pirate cup". 

I wanted him to walk down and feel excitement. Feel like this was his birthday. 
Because a few cheap, simple things like balloons and party plates can seriously make someone's day.

So waffles on party plates were had.

And big sisters reaped the benefits of Carter turning 3, because ice cream for dessert--at 7am, was also allowed on this special day...because you only get one birthday a year.

And the best surprise of all? ..Well, he got exactly what he wanted for his special day. The one thing that he would tell everyone he wanted for his birthday--a skateboard. Like the big boys on our court have, he'd always say.

So we wrapped him up in knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet (birthday presents from Nana and Papa)...and he was thrilled.

And when you're the big sister, and your birthday is only a couple weeks away, you get an early birthday present too...because they both wanted nothing more than a skateboard to call their own. So Grandma made sure they each got one (thanks Judy!).

So look out world--here comes danger on wheels.

Happy birthday to our sweet, adventurous, dare-devil little Carter. We love you to the ends of this Earth.

Love, mom and dad xox

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