Monday, 7 July 2014

Summertime loves

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It's officially summer vacation in this house--got my kids back.
No more daycare. No more work. Just the three of us all day long, trying to soak up summer, get ready for cottage fun, keep ourselves entertained and pack up this house for our move in a few weeks.

The kids are asleep right now, which means that I should really be upstairs packing as much as I can--because if anyone has ever tried to pack with little people before they will tell you that it's pretty much impossible. Anything that's put into the box by an adult somehow magically gets taken out of the box by a little person. So we pack when they sleep, and play around boxes when they're awake.

So a few things I'm loving these days...then I'm off to pack.

1) My kids reminding me how much fun the simplicity of a box is.

So glad that at least two people in this house think that it's fun to pack up an entire house--because Terry and I are over it. OVER it. But I've discovered a simple way to make packing and moving a super organized experience--will tell you all about it soon.

2) Ice cream cones on a hot day. There's nothing better.

3) Two snugglers on the couch. I walked into the living room and found them like this.

4) Blowing kisses and waving to their daddy at the window as he goes off to work every morning. They don't miss this moment ever. It's pretty cute.

5) TV shows that sing and dance and ask her to follow along with their actions. Although I'm not a huge fan of a lot of TV throughout the day, sometimes it's my life saver and the only way that I can get dinner made or save my sanity on the crazy days.

She's pretty serious about her actions. 

6) Spontaneous drop-by pick ups.
Jen was given this bike trailer from a friend who wasn't using it anymore, so she'll drop by randomly, pick up a kid or two and take them on a fun ride around the neighbourhood. Mya is now working on us to get our own bike trailer. No better way to ride than one of these things.

7) Two blondies reading together early in the morning.

She walks him through each page, describing each picture--really believing that she is reading. So of course I love that.

8) Lunch outside. Because convincing kids to come inside to eat on a warm summer day is virtually impossible. So we picnic outside a lot. And keep the mess outside too. Win/win.

9) Sandbox fun in our backyard. They'd spend forever in this thing if they could.

Enjoy your summer days ahead, even if you get to spend your days at work like Terry. It's still all good.
Erica xo

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