Friday, 7 February 2014

Vanilla pudding cookies and a few loves

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I came into the living room the other morning to find these two snuggling.

And I don't only love this because it cracks me up that Carter is decked out in his big sisters old jammies (we'll be sure to bring these pics out when he's 16 and he'll love us for it I'm sure)...

but I love it because these are the moments that I live for.

Those unscripted moments when a little brother climbs up onto the couch to outstretched arms and snuggles right in...

awkwardly trying to get comfortable on a big sister who isn't much bigger than himself.

Some other things I've loved?

1) Little hands spilling a whole box of Cheerios on the floor.

Because it's these moments where Terry and I just look at each other, frozen in place, and smile--because you either laugh or cry. So we choose to laugh...and then watch as these two race to see who can eat the most little circles off the floor in the span of two minutes flat.

2) Sledding with cousins.

I'm completely over winter. OVER IT.

But when I see adult snow pants, sleds and little people squealing down the hill, it somehow makes me forgive winter. If just for a moment at least.

3) Flying across couches.

She kept saying "Take my picture mommy! got it? That was a good one!".

"Now I do it with pillows!" she called out to me.

This kid cracks me up.

4) Surprise visit to watch daddy ref hockey.

We might just have a little hockey player on our hands here.
Maybe Oliver too one day.

5) Making wedding invitations for a friends upcoming wedding.

There was something about this that I just loved. Maybe it was the cutting of the lace and the gluing of the sparkles...but it brought me back to my own wedding almost six years ago and made me happy. Sometimes it's these little moments that make me stop and remember all of the love and care that went into Terry's and my wedding, which I just love thinking about.

6) And last but not least...baking cookies with my boy.

Because my own childhood was full of treats baking in the oven, chairs pulled up to the kitchen counter for little feet to stand on, measuring ingredients, cracking eggs over bowls and licking it's what I now envision for my own kids.

So I took a morning and stole my boy away to help me.

So with everything but the kitchen sink pulled out of my cupboards, this little boy made a great mess and some great cookies.
And with tiny fingerprints plastered all over the oven door as delicious cookies baked slowly in the heat, childhood memories were made--and I was one happy girl. 

If you want to make these cookies yourself, this is the recipe that I used. I just chose to add peanut butter chips and Smarties as well--because, the more chocolate the better--obviously. And the best part of this recipe?..they're actually made with vanilla pudding (crazy eh?) means though that they're super soft with a hint of vanilla. Try them!  

And then be sure to give some away--because that's at least the rule in this family. Sharing is caring.
So my kindergarten teaching partners reaped the benefits as I tied up little bags with ribbon and handed out some yummy treats to make a cold Monday morning feel a little more enjoyable.

Happy Friday everyone!!

Erica xo

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