Saturday, 21 December 2013

Some Christmas Happies

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It's a few days before Christmas. Life is busy. Life is crazy. Life has been throwing me some moments of stress today. But it's quiet now. Two kids are fast asleep, Christmas wrapping is put away, baking is finished and our bags are packed for when Jen, Jeff, Oliver, Scarlett, Terry, Mya, Carter and I move into my parents house for the week.

Christmas isn't just a one day event in this family. We move into mom and dad's house (even though they live less than 15mins away) and we bring over the chaos of four children and celebrate Christmas all week long.

But today? Well as I sat down to my computer tonight Terry said to me "Whatcha doing over there?".

"I'm going to write a blog post, with lots of pics in it that I've taken recently" I said. "Just for me. Cause I need it today to remind me of why I'm doing all of this Christmas stuff, this life relieve my stress and get my mind refocused".

Sometimes when I step back and take a moment to really focus on the good stuff, the happy stuff, the real stuff, it makes everything else fall into place.

So this is for me.

Some happies. Some perspective. It works every time for me.

1) Mya's first ballet recital.

 I don't think it could have been any cuter. I die just looking at these pics. I was so proud of her.

2)  Cousins in tutus in my basement. Performing their own ballet recital after watching Mya's...

...fancy shoes and all.

3) Real babies being pushed in doll strollers...

...and big babies being pushed too. 

4) Looking after Scarlett. There's nothing better. When I forget about the sleep deprivation, she gives me baby fever. Big time. 

5) This little man has learned how to climb up onto the piano bench all on his own-which gives me a bit of a heart attack...but I love how he climbs up there multiple times a day to test out the keys and make some music.  

6) A brother and a sister getting ready for a Christmas party with their friends.

7) Christmas party fun.

Merry Christmas everyone! Nothing like a little perspective to put things all back together again. I feel better already.

Now let Christmas begin!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Erica xo

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