Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Owl-themed baby shower...and a walk down memory lane

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I got an email today from Jackie, my sister-in-law (or, technically my sister's sister-in-law...but really, mine too--if we take away the technicalities). She was asking about a shower that we threw a long time ago. 

She wanted to see pics from our owl-themed baby shower, but the event was pushed so far back in my memory bank that I had to sit there for a minute and try to remember which shower she was talking about. But then it all came rushing back to me--it was Jen and Jeff's baby shower for Oliver. Before they knew that it was Oliver. Before they knew that they were even having a boy. 

So this post is for Jackie, really. To provide a little inspiration as she plans her own owl-themed baby shower. 

But honestly, it was kind of nice for me too--a little walk back down memory lane. When Oliver was only a tiny baby, tucked warmly away in Jen's belly, waiting to meet us all. 

*Diapers wrapped in a crib sheet, complete with a stork to carry the bundle--(pic of stork found online, brought it into Word, sized it, printed it on cardstock, then cut it out very carefully).

*Diaper tricycle (made of diapers, receiving blankets, bib, bottle, baby mitts)...and tiny baby Mya!
Candy guess (complete with candy colours that matched our colour theme)

*Mya (almost a yr old)...but take away the girly bow in her hair, and the dress..and all that I see is Carter in her. Two little blondies. To be honest, it kinda gives me baby fever again.


Thanks Jackie for taking me back down memory lane. 

And thanks Oliver for giving us such a great reason to celebrate two years ago. 
Love you, my little buddy.

Erica xo 

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