Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ice cream parlour "Fill up their freezer" baby shower

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We've been prepping around here for someone very special to arrive.



dipping waffle cones into delicious melted chocolate and adding all of the final touches to a great afternoon ultimately means only one thing...

we've having a baby soon.

Well..not exactly me, per say. But my sister. Which is pretty much like I'm having my own, really.

Just like I feel every day as though I have three kids of my own under the age of three. Sure I didn't exactly birth one of them (minor detail, really)--but he's such a huge part of our life that really it's like he's my own.

We're only a week and a half away from having a new baby in our family, and I've found myself nesting, prepping, worrying and so excited thinking about how our life will all of a sudden change once again as another new little soul comes into our family. I feel like it's my due date coming up--staying close to home, clearing out our calendar, anticipating the rush to the hospital, making all of the necessary plans for child care for the older kids and dreaming about squishy baby cuddles and that wonderful newborn smell. I just can't wait.

So in order to help my sis and Jeff out when this new baby arrives, mom and I decided to throw them a baby shower. But not a typical shower. This time 'round, instead of asking people to bring a gift, we asked them to bring a meal that could be thrown in their freezer so that Jen and Jeff could pull it out during those first few crazy months when they'll have a newborn in their arms and a toddler at their feet. Because who's kidding who? Having a new baby and a toddler is not easy.

So with that said, I got my party hat on and started planning an ice cream parlour themed baby shower..because if you're going to celebrate new life, you may as well be downing some ice cream while you're at it. And well, I really just wanted to throw a party where I could make an awning out of cute pink striped fabric...really.

We kept it small this time, only a few close friends and family, but it was great--so so great. And the best part? Jen and Jeff's freezer is now full of delicious meals thanks to everyone who came. And that, to me, is the greatest thing ever.

So, with that is our "Fill Up Their Freezer" ice cream parlour baby shower...

This little guy is going to be the best big brother ever. And these two parents are already the best parents around. This little girl in that belly of Jens' is one lucky little lady. 

I'm in love with these cute straws. So in love. 

Everyone took an ice cream cone full of candy home with them when they left.

And dipping ice cream cones that morning in chocolate, sprinkles and Skor bits meant that everyone had a yummy treat to put their ice cream in and fill up with endless toppings. 

Mya had been waiting for this ice cream party for a LONG this little moment here just absolutely thrilled her.

And Carter spent his time entertaining us with his mad piano skills. 

I love that I caught this moment between these two little cousins when they didn't think that anyone was looking. Sharing one's monstrous ice cream cone is the ultimately sign of love.

And a second party outfit is a must when you know that more ice cream will land on your party dress than in your mouth.

Now...little baby growing in Jen's belly--these two little cousins (and a very excited big brother) are patiently waiting for be prepared for mounds of lovin', slobbery baby kisses (and probably even a few eye pokes from curious fingers--sorry ahead of time about that) when you arrive. We just can't wait any longer!

your Aunt Erica xox

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