Saturday, 7 September 2013

Cornflake Crunchers...and a defeated mom

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It's 5:30am. Yes. I give up. Completely defeated. I think my kids are the only kids in the whole world who don't sleep. An (almost) 3yr old who used to (finally) sleep through the night beautifully is now getting up at least once a night, just wanting her back rubbed until she falls back asleep. And an 11 month old who was (finally) also sleeping through the night has been up at least twice a night all week, crying and then consequently waking up his sister again. It's a circus. An absolute circus--but not kind with fun acts and fun animals who do tricks. 

One of us in each of our kids rooms trying with all of our might to convince them that sleep is indeed a wonderful thing. Really. I swear, it's great! Let's give it a try tonight, okay?? PLEASE!!
So, as I sit here defeated, I think there's only one thing to do. Eat some cookies. Emotional eating works, right? Sure. Let's have some sugar. 

Here is a great and EASY EASY recipe for cookies that you don't have to bake...AND there are only 3 ingredients. 

If you need me, you'll find me curled up in the corner eating an entire batch of these--cause that's just the kind of week that it's been. 

It's my grandma's recipe--my childhood memories kind of recipe. They're SOOO good. Enjoy! 

Cornflake Crunchers: Here ya go

All you need is peanut butter, butterscotch chips and corn flakes. That's it. 

1) Melt 1.5 cups of butterscotch chips with 1/2 cup of peanut butter in a pot on the stove. Keep the heat on medium and stir constantly, making sure that it doesn't burn. 

2) Once completely smooth, pour over 6 cups of corn flakes and mix together.

3) Use a spoon and scoop out a spoonful of the mixture onto a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper. You might have to use your hands a bit to mold the cornflakes together a little, so you end up with this shape pictured below.

4) Stick them in the fridge for an hour or leave them on the counter to cool and harden, and enjoy!!

Erica xo 

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