Monday, 8 July 2013

Wedding cake/cupcakes...and some strawberry fields

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I've been a little busy lately.

With a wedding order due this past weekend, my kitchen exploded with fondant and icing while the scent of delicious lemon cake filled every inch of my house. The troops showed up (ie. mom and dad) to entertain the kids, while I meticulously worked away at every last final detail.

People ask me all of the time how I get my cakes/cupcakes done with two little ones at home with me all day long.

And I always have the same answer for them: My family. 

They show up, help to look after our kids, pop their heads in while I'm working away and tell me that my half-made cake is beautiful (when really it's not even close to looking how I want it to look like yet--and they know it, but tell me that it's perfect anyways).

And the clean-up fairy? He shows up every single time. He goes by the name of Terry, and he magically trails my every move, making sure that I'm never left with a huge mess to clean up at the end of my many hours of work.

It would literally be impossible for me to do this without them.

What an honour it is to be a tiny little part of such a wonderful day in the lives of two people who have created a day that they will cherish forever.

Tamara, I hope that your day was everything that you wished it to be!

And the location? Holy geeze...stunning.

This is what her guests got to look out on as they enjoyed every last minute of their beautiful day.

But...can I just say...THIS GUY IS NUTS.

After putting the last cupcake on the stand and stepping back to look out at the view, we noticed this guy fishing in the middle of this FAST moving water, standing on a rock. How did he even get out there?? One slip and he would have been completely washed away with the force of the water. Unbelievable.

Anyways, regardless of the crazy man...what a view!!

Congrats Tamara!

And while my dad and I were packing up the last of the now empty cake boxes into the car, we got a call saying "We're on our way to pick strawberries--meet us there!"

So off we went.

 We got out of there just before the storm rolled in...

but we'll be back, strawberry field. We'll definitely be back.

Erica xo

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