Monday, 1 July 2013

Long Weekend Love

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I used to pack my long weekends with plans as if it was the only break I'd have all year long.

Beach trips. Cottages. Fireworks. Smirnoff Ice. Late nights. Friends. Sleeping in until noon.

I sometimes long for those days again. Those days of care-free living, very few real responsibilities, young perspective on life and sleeping in. Oh to actually sleep in again.

But I'd give it all up for what I have now. Every last second of it.

Sure there aren't late night chats with a Smirnoff bottle in my hand anymore (although, once pregnancies, nursing and sleep deprivation subside, I'm sure I'll make time for a late night drink on a patio once again). And sure it's not as easy to just jump in the car and drive 3hrs to a friends cottage right now (although with a bit of extra planning, extra packing, lots of breaks along the way and a bit of bravery we could do it). But there has been a different kind of long weekend wonderful emerging since having kids.

Different? Yes.

But still oh so good. A little bit simpler...but still incredibly memorable.

Cold drinks that make you feel just a bit happier than you did before you took a swig, have been replaced with long walks pushing baby dolls.


And Daddy time that could last forever. 

Sibling love and baby giggles. 

Bubbles, water and scrubbing her play dishes on the deck...which she could happily do all day long. 

Spontaneous trips to the park with friends. 

And amazing day trips which will forever be etched in Mya's memory bank, filling up her checklist of childhood memories that she will hold onto and never forget. 

With a 2yr old who is obsessed with horses these days, she was over the moon when we surprised her and her brother with a trip to see our friend Krista's horses.  

Thank you Krista for an amazing day! Mya still can't stop talking about it. 

It only took a moment of hesitation before this brave little girl happily jumped on this huge animal and didn't want to get off.  

 Krista, you have made this little girl's day (a million times over!).

Carter was also a brave little soul, taking everything in as much as a little one can. 

And Meika (with her best bud, Chili) couldn't get enough of the endless running fields.

Happy Canada Day everyone! 

Erica xo 

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  1. Wow! They grow so much so quickly. Carter is such a handsome little man now... where did the baby go?


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