Monday, 10 June 2013

Wedding Love

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There's something about a wedding that I just love.

Maybe it's the fancy clothes that you have to put on just moments before you leave, to ensure that baby spit up or sticky toddler fingers don't land on you as you head out the door.

Maybe it's the beautiful decorations...

or the mounds of delicious food...

S'mores bar, Gillian? Could you think of anything else more fabulous??

  maybe it's the beautiful bride who I just love to watch float blissfully through the day...

or maybe it's the dance floor--okay, it's definitely the dance floor.

I think though what I've realized is that what really draws me to a wedding is the feeling that weddings bring. It's literally a room full of people who are celebrating love. Celebrating the start of something wonderful. Celebrating someone's dreams transforming from a plan into a reality, right before our eyes.

It's not often that you get the privilege to watch someone's life transform, to watch someone's family and friends come together for the sole purpose of loving them and celebrating them.

Terry and I had the opportunity this past weekend to celebrate the love between two wonderful people who put together an incredible event, an amazing day and a fantastic party. Gillian and Kevin, you blew us away.

I looked around the room at one point during the evening at all of the smiling faces, the people dancing and the laughter at each table and realized that what I really love about weddings is that they provide such a fantastic break from life. There were undoubtedly people at those tables who were going through their own struggles, who may have been heartbroken, who may have been dealing with hardships...but within all of those magical moments of love that weddings provide, we all get to step out of that for a moment and focus on something wonderful, something beautiful, something happy. I watched one excruciatingly heartbroken mama rip up the dance floor with her friends and throw her head back laughing as she spun around to each new song that the DJ played.

If not for just that one reason alone, weddings just make me happy.

Gillian and Kevin's whole day was full of intricate details which didn't go unnoticed and great times with wonderful friends.

Then if you bring everyone outside and hand out huge sparklers, we all feel like we're five years old again as the sparks make us squeal with excitement and the smoke above our heads makes a wedding all of a sudden turn into a fun event that no one will ever forget.

Congratulation Gillian and Kevin! Wishing you a lifetime of both magical, romantic days...and normal, every day moments--all of which make life so fabulous.

Love,  Erica xo

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