Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Beach

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It looks like we know what we're doing, doesn't it?

Those cute sunhats positioned perfectly, sunscreen slathered over every inch of our bare skin, kids in full body bathing suits, feet in the sand, sun shining down on us...

Pictures can sometimes tell a thousand lies.

You should have seen us just moments before.

We were 'those' people at the beach the other day. It still makes me laugh thinking about it.

After a quick decision to plan a day trip to the beach, we packed up the van full of towels, bathing suits, snacks, sunscreen and sand toys and headed out early that morning.

We're not exactly beach people. We love the beach, but don't usually make a point of taking day trips specifically out to enjoy the sun and sand. And it was very clear once we got there that we were surrounded by avid beach professionals.

As we piled our double stroller full of all of our beach stuff, strapped the kids in and headed towards the sand, we found out very quickly that we weren't exactly prepared.

With a huge golf umbrella in hand, Terry took the front of the stroller and I took the back--and we heaved that beast through mounds of dry sand all the way to our final destination.

As we placed our blanket down and slathered the kids up with sunscreen, we looked around to see couples soaking up the sun on their beach chairs, complete with cup holders and foot rests. Their huge beach umbrella's sat perfectly in the sand, while music played from their stereo systems which were clearly beach-proof and purposely designed to withstand the reality of the sand.

Then there was us...with our golf umbrella (cause that'll do, right?), double stroller and absolutely no way to keep that darn umbrella in the sand. And then there was the wind...good grief there was wind.

So as we created a make-shift umbrella holder out of our double stroller, Terry took Mya down to the water and I sat on our blanket and nursed Carter.

As I settled in with him and got comfortable, I sat there thinking, "Hey, we've got this. Look at us! Professional beach goers. We fit right in".

And just as that thought passed my mind, I was startled by a lady's scream.

I looked up in disbelief and pulled Carter off of me as I watched our gigantic golf umbrella flying across the sand, directly towards a group of tanning girls.

I quickly put Carter down on the blanket and started running--literally running after our run away umbrella, screaming "Look out!" as I ploughed through the sand.

As I tore down the beach, I took a moment and looked back to our blanket only to see Carter with hands full of sand, ready to take a bite.

"TERRY!!" I yelled.

He looked up from the water with Mya, completely oblivious to the absolute scene that his wife was causing a few meters away.

"The BABY!! He's EATING the sand!! And the UMBRELLA! THE UMBRELLA!", I screamed as I continued to tear after our huge weapon flying down the beach towards people.

Everyone was watching.

I just about died.

Apparently we aren't professional beach people.

So after Terry saved Carter from choking on sand and I saved our gigantic umbrella from slamming into those tanning beauties, we huddled back to our blanket and tried to pretend like we didn't just cause the biggest scene on the beach.

Thank goodness there were so many other great moments that day to make up for it.

From sand play...

...to salt water taffy....

...to ice cream on the street.

We had a fantastic day. Regardless of the fact that we're definitely not professionals.

'Til next time, beach. 'Til next time.

Erica xo

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