Sunday, 12 May 2013

Surprise! It's a...

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A lot of baby love was happening yesterday as Jen and Jeff prepped for a few of their friends and of course our family and Jeff's family to get together for the big moment.

I've been dying trying to figure out if Jen is having a boy or girl and finally at just over 20weeks pregnant, I was the lucky one who got to make the cupcakes to reveal to the rest of the world who was going to be joining our family in September.

With my big secret hidden from everyone (including Jen and Jeff of course) for the past two days, I furiously filled each cupcake with the colour to reveal whether we'd be welcoming either a niece or nephew into our family. The little piece of scrap paper with the sex of the baby scribbled down from the ultrasound technician stared at me as I excitedly finished the details of each one of the cupcakes.  

And as everyone held their cupcake steadily in their hands, wrappers pulled down, anticipating the secret that they were about to bite into...the countdown began...


It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

We're all a little excited over here...!!

Congratulations Jen, Jeff and Oliver! We're so excited to have another little GIRL in the family!!

Erica xo

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