Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Update on the Crew

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     Thank you so much everyone for all of your love and support. I printed off the messages that you left for Erica and brought them to the hospital for her to read. She cried as she soaked up your love and good wishes. She's a strong woman, someone I'm proud to call my sister. We're also all so lucky to have such a fantastic support system in place. Thank you for holding my family in your hearts!

So, the test results came back yesterday morning and Carter does not have pneumonia (yeah!!). Unfortunately his white blood cell count was high, so they were not allowed to have the little man come home yet (boo!). They did some more tests, and the blood cell count came back positive (yeah!). Since Carter has been breastfeeding so well they have taken out the IV (more yeah!!) and they have stopped the dosages of antibiotics (also yeah!). The thing that still isn't great is that the little guy has been having choking episodes, where he's turning purple and needs intervention in order for him to start breathing again (double boo!). So, Carter needs to go for 48 hours without having one of these episodes in order for him to be sent home. It's been 24 hours so far, we just need 24 more, then this family can begin their new normal as a lovely family of four.

Throughout this whole situation my sister and Terry have been fantastic. They have continued to look out for the rest of the family. Oliver's first birthday was yesterday, and Erica was determined to make it home, even if it was just for an hour, to celebrate my little guy. I spoke with her on the phone in the morning about Carter and then received a text from her a half hour later ~ she was apologizing for not having wished Oliver a happy birthday. Even in times of stress, she's looking out for the rest of her family.

And so, I'll leave you with a picture that Jeff took when he went to visit Erica and Carter in the hospital on Tuesday night. (Don't worry, he's sleeping on his belly because he's hooked up to all those monitors so there's no worries about SIDS. When he heads home he'll sleep on his back!) Jeff still hasn't held Carter, but when he does get that little babe in his arms, look out... the rest of us may not be able to hold him for awhile!!


  1. He is so beautiful!!! Praying for you all and hoping to see everyone on a Thursday morning soon!!!


  2. Thanks for the update Jen! We're sending all our positive thoughts your way! XOXO Julie

  3. So glad things are looking up! Hope the next 24h go as well as the last and Carter can come home. Even if he doesn't yet, he's still a very lucky little guy to be part of such a great family.


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