Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Fall love

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      Every morning when I drag myself out of bed and head downstairs, I get the same rush every time as I draw the blinds and open the kitchen windows. The smell of Fall fills our house. It's that crisp, cool breeze that I love the most right now.

     It's the debate between whether I should pull on a housecoat yet or not, or whether I should throw a little sweater on Mya to ease the chill of the morning that I love so much. It means a new season is coming, a new holiday is just around the corner and it means there is so much more to look forward to. I love holidays--absolutely love them. I love new seasons almost just as much. It means change, new life, new experiences and new reasons to decorate and celebrate. I'm already having visions of taking Mya to the pumpkin patch, decorating our house for Thanksgiving, cooking up a triple batch of squash soup, filling our flower pots at the front of our house with mums and going for early morning walks in jeans and long sleeve shirts. Oh, and don't forget pumpkin pie, cooking up a huge Thanksgiving turkey and prepping for Halloween...so much to look forward to.

This was Mya last year...ready to help me cook up a huge batch of squash soup. Don't think the squash could get any bigger.  
      I'm still on a search for some cheap plastic pumpkins that I can be-dazzle with spray paint and sparkles and strategically place on top of our piano, complete with other Fall decorations and candles. This kind of stuff makes me happy. So very happy. And what I love even more is that my excitement for decorating and celebrating holidays is already rubbing off on Mya. I know that she'll notice right away once I get all of my Fall decorations up and want to touch them, feel them and talk about them in her cute little (almost) two-year old way. It's my little way of secretly teaching her that it's all about finding reasons and ways to surround yourself with joy and happiness--even if it means burning your fingers on hot glue guns or trying to explain to your husband for the millionth time why you need to go buy more glitter.

     Speaking of which, I've already started some of my decorations--and if I had more time I'd give a thorough explanation of how I made each of them..but the couch is calling my name, my feet are sore and I still have at least two loads of laundry that need to go in. BUT on a very happy (and unrelated note)...I found out from a recent ultrasound that my placenta has moved, so that means no C-section or risk of bleeding...ya! Doc says there's still risk of pre-term labour and that things are already starting to happen, but I've made it to 34 weeks already so things are looking up for baby and all of us.

Even Mya is flipping for joy over her little brother staying in my belly for so long...

Anyways, here are some of my decorations that I've already started, (in a nutshell)...

Fall Wreath:

Start with one of these...

Buy some of these at Dollarama...

Weave them in and around the wreath base, and use a glue gun to glue some of them down so they remain secure.

And voila...a Fall wreath in a matter of minutes. Easy peasy.

And next: A button pumpkin

Buy a frame (got mine at Dollarama) and take the backing off of it..so the back is exposed (so it looks like burlap).

Use a glue stick and make a shape of a pumpkin on it..then start adding the buttons.

Add brown buttons for a stem, and you're done!

Alright, that's it--going to go put my feet up and forget about the laundry.

Happy first day of school to everyone out there! More about that on another post...

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