Tuesday, 17 July 2012

An overwhelming surprise

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     My head is still spinning from Sunday. It was a typical Sunday afternoon, nothing out of the ordinary...but when Terry drove me to my parents house for what I thought was going to be a family dinner, I got the shock of my life. As we pulled into the driveway I scanned the mass of people standing on my parents lawn and realized that everyone who I loved and cared about was waiting for me. I opened my car door to the sound of a chorus of "Happy Birthday" being sung to me and a ton of smiling faces staring at me. As I took it all in and walked towards the crowd in a daze, I was thankful that I was wearing my big sunglasses as I could hide the tears flowing down my cheeks. It was the most overwhelming, wonderful, incredible feeling in the world. I was shocked, surprised, overwhelmed, amazed...every emotion ran though me in a matter of a few seconds. And it only got better as I was ushered into the house to find beautiful decorations, an incredible array of delicious food all beautifully displayed, little favours perfectly placed and drinks already flowing.

     What a perfect surprise--I still have no idea how everyone kept it from me for so long. I'm only just finding out now about all of the little white lies that were told to me along the way in order to keep me from finding out about all of the plans. From convincing me that we were actually celebrating another family member's birthday that day to avoid me from going to a friend's party that afternoon...to sneaking away and having secret phone conversations outside...everyone did everything they could to ensure that I didn't find out. And it worked.

     The amount of planning, scheming, secret conversations, time, energy and love that was put into this party for me was amazing. Thank you to everyone who was able to come out and thank you to my wonderful family, hubby and mother-in-law for pulling off such an incredible surprise. It's something that I'll never forget.

Mya was mostly concerned about consuming as much ice cream cake as she could...
....making sure the babies were all taken care of...soothers in...

...and checking periodically to see if Oliver needed a diaper change. She's fully prepping for her new brother to be. 

Thanks again for an incredible day! It's something that I will look back on and remember forever. What a way to celebrate the big 30.

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  1. Happy Birthday Erica!! I'm so glad that we were able to keep it a surprise!


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