Sunday, 10 June 2012

Perspective through photos

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     I went to get a massage the other day since my whole body was feeling tense. The stress of everything has gotten to me and my body is letting me know that it's all too much. My school schedule is jam-packed. Report cards due, field trips coming up, parent information night, inputting running record info, clearing out my classroom and all of the millions of due dates, meetings and details of finishing up the school year have completely taken over my calendar. However, the real stress still lies in this pregnancy and all of the fears and the unknowns. So my sister took it upon herself to book me a massage and I've decided that I purposely need to start finding new ways to de-stress.
    Bubble baths will become a regular occurrence in this house. Massages will become routine. Staring at darkness late at night when I'm lying in bed, worrying, will turn into cuddles with Terry instead. Perspective needs to be kept in check and focus has to be redirected onto the joys of the little things that make life so great. Sometimes shutting off the negative, especially when you can do very little to change the outcome, is the best way to keep life light, happy and joyful.
    My parents have always taught me that "happiness is a choice". They taught me that you have to purposefully seek it, reach for it and create it in your life. You can't wait for it to come to you or for someone else to provide it for you. Smart parents I've got. I try to live this way.
    So in speaking of perspective and focus, I wanted to compile a few moments of joy, love and happiness that have still tried to creep into our life amidst the tornado of stress, sadness and worry that have filled this house over the past couple of weeks. Really it's just for me. So on those days when it all feels too overwhelming, I can sneak back to this post and remind myself that life is still oh so good. It's all about perspective.

    So, with that said:
1) Watering our flowers with Grandma:

 2) Playing in the rain: There was a day last week where it poured like crazy. So after picking Mya up from daycare, we came home and just before I was about to grab the umbrella and quickly dash into the house to keep us dry, I dropped my bags off on the front porch and ran into the rain with her instead. We splashed in puddles, danced around the driveway and tried to catch raindrops on our tongues as the raindrops fell hard all around us. It's my hope that these kind of spontaneous fun moments of joy will forever be etched into her memories of her childhood.

3) Waking her daddy up on his birthday to 2 girls singing Happy Birthday, complete with balloon in hand, omelet, bagels and milk for a nice little breakfast in bed. This dad deserves to be spoiled..and no better day to do so than on his birthday. Crazy bedhead and all.

 And a little birthday bbq dinner cheer for the old man.

And of course ice cream for dessert...

4) Hair clips: I love bows...I love barrettes...I love anything cute that I can put in this kid's hair. And finally she is letting me do it without tearing them out 2 seconds after I put them in. I just love that.

Hair clips on the dog are even better.

4) A little backyard stroll: Doesn't get better than that.   

4) Elton John sunglasses at the breakfast table: Sometimes it doesn't take much at all to make a normal, every day occurrence a little more memorable and a lot more fun.

5) Festival at the Farmer's Market on my day off (complete with free cupcakes!).

And free face-painting!...that didn't go so well though...but the lady at least got a little colour on her cheek before she squirmed away.

Stickers on babies is funny. At least we think so. 

And little Oliver...well...enough said. There's just no little boy who is any cuter.   

With many more happy moments to come I'm sure...I'm feeling better already. 


  1. Love the pics!! Yeah for happiness :)

  2. My fave happiness moment is the naked backyard stroll - too bad your hedges aren't bigger or YOU could try this as a de-stressor!! ;) I also just checked out the new dresser - NICE work! It looks so crisp and fabulous!

    Thinking of you and wishing you many more happy moments! xx

    1. Hilarious Kristyn!!! I also love the naked backyard stroll. There's something so cute and adorable about naked Mya running around... too funny :)


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