Monday, 7 May 2012

Party Party Party

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Well...I'm exhausted.     
      My weekend started with a session of report card writing--good times. But it got much better as Saturday afternoon became filled with a big celebration for a little girl named Vera. Her 1st birthday party was amazing, wonderful and full of good friends, food and adorable decorations. Vera was a superstar the entire afternoon and looked like a little angel in her cute little birthday dress.

     This is my favourite part of 1st birthdays...that first piece of cake..icing...sugar. So cute. Jen (Vera's mom) was smart and took the cake away at an appropriate time..Mya's mother (on the other hand) let her kid eat cake for way too long on her 1st birthday and then found out later that she secretly threw up in Nana's arms. Oops. Mother of The Year award got awarded to me that day.

What a fabulous way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

There's nothing quite like a 1st birthday...I just love everything about them. I'm already starting to think of Oliver's 1st birthday party, and it's still over 5months away.

 Happy Birthday Vera!!

    On a high from such a fabulous party, I had to get the last minute details of my own shower ready for the very next day. I threw a baby shower on Sunday for three friends (Alex, Tammy and Andra)...two of them expecting a girl and one expecting a boy. As I was trying to come up with a theme idea for the shower, I knew that it had to be gender I decided that bumble bees would be adorable. I spent the past couple of months making all of the decorations, food tags, signs, banner, food, etc. (one little bit at a time) --while recruiting my mom, sister and mother-in-law to help along the way as well (thank you!!). Here is my Sunday afternoon baby shower (in a nutshell)...

I had to make sure that I made both a boy bee and a girl representing each gender of the babies to "bee". The little girl got a cute little bow in her hair and the little boy got a bow-tie.

And of course the drink of choice had to match my colour theme...tee hee.

Thanks Gillian for letting me steal your Scholastic book order packing box from school so that I could create my little cupcake stand! (She looked at me like I had three heads when I asked for her recycling from her blue bin in her classroom...but I had big plans in mind for that little box).

Oh cake I hate to make you..but love to eat you.

You certainly can't have a baby shower without milk and cookies...

If you're looking to make these pompoms for your own party, just Google "Martha Stewart Pompoms"..they're super easy to make.

A few of the ladies and kids...(funny how when you have kids somehow the floor becomes the best place to be).

The three ladies of the hour...(or, afternoon).

Everyone got to take home a little treat...and something for their little one as well.

I thought baby food jars full of candies would be appropriate...

And some crayons and bumble bee colouring pages for the little ones...

And on a side note...look! Oliver can stand up now!

So there it is in a nutshell...I love babies. I love parties. So put them together, and I'm a happy lady.
Oh, and if anyone is interested in these decorations, let me know! I hate to throw them all out..but that's what's going to happen (and I have 5 black pompoms I'm going to throw out too). I usually make Terry do it for me since I hate to see my hours and hours of work pitched in the garbage...but really...storing them all for safe keeping isn't exactly a realistic option.
Anyways, off to work on report cards and get started on the details of a cake that's due this week. I've got a sick baby (and dog) on my hands I don't think my exhaustion is going to be leaving me any time soon. HOWEVER...tomorrow we find out the sex of our baby!! woo hoo!

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  1. Beautiful photographs!! The birthday girl is looking so cute. All your preparations are great. The theme “babies to bee” is lovely. It reminded me of my niece’s birthday party at LA venue. Had best party there and all neighbour babies were there that added grace to party.


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