Saturday, 7 April 2012

A little Easter cheer after the storm

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     These past couple of weeks haven't been easy, but I'm glad to say that my days of bed rest have come to an end.       

     I feel like I've been going completely stir crazy over the past couple of weeks. To tell a girl to stay in bed (who usually doesn't do well lying on the couch for more than an hour before she feels like she's not being very productive) is a tall order. At least I come by it honestly. My mom is the type who is there making her homemade greek yogurt on her off time, refusing to take a bubble bath because "well, that's boring"...while whipping up some cookies, appetizers and making an elaborate meal for her family all at the same time (while of course never forgetting to put on her pearls). And my dad is the guy who you go to if you want something done yesterday. You ask him once and he already has is done for you a minute ago. I have completely turned into both of my parents.

     So asking me to just sit and do nothing is almost laughable. However...I've been doing it. Anything for this wee little baby who is just trying to grow as perfectly as he/she can. But hallelujah that my bed rest days have come to an end and I've had the chance to enjoy Easter the way that we were hoping to. I told myself that although we have experienced a lot of stress over the past couple of weeks, I wanted to purposefully seek out, find and create as much joy for our little family as I could this weekend to make up for lost time. I think Mya would tell you that we succeeded.  

     I felt like I had to play catch up for not being as ready for Easter as I would have liked to have been. There were Easter eggs to find, Easter bunny ears to buy, decorations to put up and food to prepare. Holidays will never get old for me. I love how they provide a reason to celebrate--and did we ever cram in the celebrations!


     A lunch date with my GanGan (and a nice visit from my Aunt and Uncle too) started things off. This is the wonderful Aunt of mine who provides me with all of my Oreos for all my baking--and she came with more again this time. Thanks again Auntie Gin!

We made sure that GanGan got right into the Easter spirit...she's such a good sport.

And then our server brought out balloons and crayons...apparently it doesn't get much better than that.

     Then the Easter egg hunts began...and I LOVED how Mya actually understood what she was supposed to do. It brought me more joy that I can even express to watch her pick up those eggs hidden in the grass and place them so carefully into her little Easter basket. I never thought that I'd be so proud of someone for simply placing eggs into a basket...but I was beaming with pride and cheered her on every step of the way. I loved that she actually kept those little bunny ears on the whole time as well. Too cute. This little girl already knows that it doesn't take much to make her mama happy.

    When we headed over to the bouncy castle I wasn't sure how she would react to it. It was her first time ever being in one, however she apparently decided that she could have stayed in that thing all day long. No better joy than jumping.

       After finding more eggs hidden inside, she is now officially an expert egg finder. I figure we'll be now playing this hiding game all year long.

  Grandparents are just the best. These two kiddos were spoiled rotten this Easter--lots of toys, bubbles, clothes and love were given to Mya and Oliver today. Thanks Nana, Papa and Grandma!

      Oh...and last but not can't forget about the big kids. It's been 30 years and we STILL get an Easter egg hunt...and by "we" I mean Jen, Jeff, Terry and I. It's no ordinary egg hunt though. There are strict rules, regulations and it can get pretty aggressive and competitive. The babies had to be held by the grandparents, all of us had our plastic buckets in place and on the count of 3 we were off!

     With expected pushing, shoving, grabbing, stealing from others buckets and a ton of laughing we tore through my parents house finding all of the eggs that they hid for us. This year I got a free pass on getting tackled since we had to be extra careful obviously with me being preggo...(although people did still steal from my bucket, mind you---Terry I'm looking at you...)...but in the end it was another yearly Easter tradition fulfilled.

     The thing about our hunt though is that when all of the eggs are found, the rule is that we have to split all of the eggs up evenly so that everyone goes home with the exact same amount. It's a tradition that we've had ever since we were little (I'm sure to avoid the obvious crying at the end of a hunt with one child always being bigger and faster than the next). Everyone leaves happy though...which is ultimately the goal anyways--and I'm sure we'll continue this same tradition with Oliver, Mya and their future brothers or sisters.

Clearly, even adults need chocolate too!
   Happy Easter!!

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