Thursday, 23 February 2017

We finally found out today!! It's a...

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 sweet baby GIRL!!! 

My heart skipped a beat when those words came out of the ultrasound technician's mouth today.

I was convinced that I was having a boy. Completely convinced.

So when she told us that we were having a baby girl it took me a moment to realize that what she was saying was actually true. I thought after 3 kids I'd be a little better at predicting whether it was a girl or boy--but apparently not.

But with all of the build up and excitement to finally being able to find out whether we'd be adding a sister or brother to our family, what I was most thrilled about in all of this was what the ultrasound technician said to me as she helped me up off of the bed. She looked at me, knowing what had happened to the other twin and smiled as she said "Your baby looks great. Everything looks great. Congratulations".

Girl or boy didn't matter at all. Not in the least. I would have absolutely loved another little boy, and I'm so thrilled to have another little girl.

But a healthy baby? A growing baby? That is what I left feeling great about.

So I bought the very first gift ever for this new baby today and left it on the dining room table, along with the ultrasound pictures, so that I could surprise the kids when they got home from school today.

So when Mya got off of the bus and ran over to me asking "What is it? Did you find out?" I told both her and Carter to run into the house to see.

Carter's response tonight before he went to bed pretty much sums it up for all of us:

"I'm so happy I'm having a baby sister. I love my baby sister already". And he leaned over and kissed my belly.

And happy 9yr anniversary Terry--what a great day to find out what the future of our family will look like. Love you.

Erica xo


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