Monday, 29 February 2016

DIY Pillow Beds--easiest things to make, best kid loungers ever!

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It was the night of February 13th and I was running around trying to find that Valentine's Day table cloth that I knew I had tucked away somewhere. I wanted the kids to wake up to a table that told them that it was love day. To a feeling that the day was different than the cold, dreary February day before. To a feeling that something great was going to happen that day (even though I had nothing planned). To a day that reminded them that we have to create our own happiness every day--even if it comes in the form of paper heart plates, cheap heart lollipops wrapped in cellophane, polka dot straws and Valentines from mom and dad at their seat.

So thrilled and happy, they were.

So we ate heart shaped pancakes (which may have looked more like blobs than hearts, but they didn't notice) with Valentine's Day sprinkles and chocolate chips hidden in them, and we made cupcakes on a whim when the baby went down for a nap.

And hours later when these two started squabbling over whose toy belonged to who, the words "Don't forget, it's LOVE DAY!!" could be heard echoing through our house.

So as the day winded down and kids were tucked into bed I finally finished putting the last of the velcro on the little project that I had been working on for them.

Because, you see, I had been searching for something for Mya and Carter for a while now.

Something for these two to use for quiet time during the afternoons. Something for these two to use when lots of friends come over and there aren't enough spots on the couch. Something for these two to cuddle up on with a good book or use in their many forts that they make as a comfy spot to hang out in.

And I finally found the solution: PILLOW BEDS.

They're pretty much amazing.

Because not only are they super comfy, but with a quick flip of a pillow they can turn from a cozy bed into a lounge chair in 2 seconds flat.  

AND (the best part), they're ridiculously easy to make. Even if you're not a great sewer. Even if you're not crafty. They're just unbelievably easy and quick to make. 

And another great part about them? Well, they're super cheap to make--especially if you go to the same stores that I bought my materials from (and I pretty much went ALL over town to find the best deals, so save yourself a ton of time and just go to the stores I went to). You'll save a bundle, and a great big headache.  

So, if you want to make these awesome beds for your kids too, all you need are a few pillows (I decided on 5 total since I wanted them to be able to grow into them) and you need the same amount of pillow cases. Then you just need some velcro and you're done.

Buy your pillows from Walmart (for less than $4 each!). Buy your pillow cases from Giant Tiger (if you want some funky patterns--they're 2 pillow cases for $2!). Or, I found out after searching Walmart forever and finding nothing, that Walmart also has $1 pillow cases--but they're hiding on the end rack (near the bedding aisle) on hooks in tiny clear bags (looking nothing like pillow cases, of course). 

Then I got my velcro from Lens Mill (but you can buy it at any fabric store I'm sure). 

So, here's how you do it. 

Pin your pillow cases together, two at a time (make sure that the openings of the pillow cases are all on the same side).

 Sew the pillow cases together, one by one, until you end up with a row of pillow cases.

Add your pillows so you can determine (around) where your velcro should sit.

Remove the pillows, pin your cut pieces of velcro onto the ends, and sew the velcro onto both sides so that you can fold the ends over and keep those pillows from falling out.

And VOILA! Pillow beds.  In about 30minutes flat.

You can wash them. You can fold them up to store them. You can snuggle on them. You can pull them out for movie night or snuggle up with your favourite book. They're pretty much a hit in this house. Big time.

And this little girl?

Well, something tells me that within about a year I'll be making a 3rd one of these beds since someone else will be looking for a soft spot to cuddle up to as well.

Have a great day everyone.
Erica xo


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