Monday, 19 October 2015

Spray painting your kitchen cabinet knobs

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This will be quick. It's past 10pm and I am trying to teach myself to go to bed at a reasonable time these days, because, well I'm tired. I think the residual effect of painting a million doors and door knobs for a whole month has caught up with me--BUT, before I go to bed, I thought I'd give you the good news...

If you want to change the look of your kitchen knobs, it's not as torturous as painting a million doors in your house. It takes all of a few minutes, and they can go from frumpy, dingy, old knobs, to something new and beautiful. This little project took all of a few minutes. Literally, I would call it fun. Maybe.

My knobs weren't horrible. This kitchen was put in just 2yrs before we moved into the house, so they were manageable. Just not what I would have chosen myself unfortunately. And although this new kitchen may look decent from a quick glance, I secretly wish that the old homeowners had never touched it--if it was a complete gut job I wouldn't feel so bad tearing it out and putting in my dream cupboards, granite counter tops, island and tile floor. But for now, I have to live with it until we decide what our next major project will be. So I figured if I have to live with the laminate floors that I'm not in love with, the cupboards that I don't love and the counter top that isn't granite...well, I may as well try to change the little things that I can, without spending a fortune.

So, knobs it was.

I just wanted them to match the now black hardware and knobs that are now throughout the rest of our house.

Because they used to look like THIS...

So, with a few minutes of work, I transformed these little scratchy brushed nickel knobs into shimmery black, just like the rest of the knobs in our house.

Here is what you need to do:

Just grab a drill, take all the knobs off of your cabinets (expect about 3 seconds per time at all). Then take them outside or into your garage, with the garage doors opened of course, and grab THIS spray paint (same exact spray paint that I used to paint my door knobs)

Then flip your knobs UPSIDE DOWN and spray paint under the knobs first...

then walk away for a while (I let them dry for about an hour), then come back and flip them over and spray paint the tops.

Do the same for these long knobs...paint them upside down first, then flip them over when dry and paint the tops.

Then get your drill back out when they're good and dry, and screw them all back on...and watch your kitchen transform into something a little more beautiful.

Have a great night to bed.

Erica xox

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