Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The night before senior kindergarten

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The house is dark, quiet. Everyone is asleep upstairs, except this tiny baby laying on my lap, soother slowly moving in and out each time that my fingers hit these keys. Her little body fits just perfectly on me, her tiny belly rising and falling with every breath that she takes and her little lashes fluttering with each slow movement that I make. I just want to hold onto these moments, keep her right here for as long as I possibly can...hold her every second that I can. Because I know now that these days of being able to have a baby sleep on me won't last forever. So I hold her every chance that I can get.

Because all of a sudden, that tiny baby will grow up and you'll all of a sudden be packing a lunch and buying a new backpack for your kindergartener, and you'll wonder where the time has gone. So let me remind myself that when the days are sometimes long looking after little people all day, the years really are short. So I'll hold this tiny baby who should probably technically be in her crib, and I'll wear her in my sling all day long as I always do, and I'll let her sleep on me when she should be learning to sleep in her own room and I'll go to her every time that she cries, because for right now, it's just what feels right. Because one day, she'll be at the store with me picking out her very first backpack, getting ready for kindergarten, and I promise you I won't regret every last cuddle that I soaked up when she was a baby.

Because it's the night before kindergarten...and I'm feeling a little emotional. Emotional not only because a change is brewing, but because you can't help but worry as you send your little 4yr old (almost 5yr old!) off on her first day of school. Will she be nervous? Will she feel confident? Will she feel included at recess? Will she feel happy? 

So as I sit here with Sophia's tiny body curled up against me, I'll hold her a little tighter tonight and remind myself that change is good. Change is important. So go out there, Mya, and stroll those hallways tomorrow with confidence. Hug your friends, smile at someone new, keep your eye out for a new little friend who looks sad and ask him/her to play--never expect that someone else will do it instead. Everyone will be a little nervous, everyone will feel a little bit shy...so keep your eye out for someone sitting by themselves at recess, and take the hand of one of the new little JK's who might have tears in her eyes. Find your little cousin Oliver on the playground (as of course I know you will) and introduce him to some of your friends, because being a new JK can feel a little scary when everyone around you is a stranger.

The first day of school is on it's way and we'll all make it through. Because change is good. Change is important. And we're all in this together.

So to all of those nervous parents out there ready to hand off their little ones to a new teacher tomorrow, just know that you're not alone. The tears will dry, the nerves will ease up and you'll all of a sudden have a senior kindergartener confidently strolling those hallways, making new friends and being so excited to go back to school after summer holidays.

Happy first day of school tomorrow to all of those kindergarteners out there, and congrats to everyone else who made it through the first day of school today. Teachers--I love you. You did it. I know exactly how it feels to stand infront of a room full of kids on that first day and try so hard to make sure that every single kid in that room feels comfortable, important and loved. I know how it feels to wipe away little tears, and carry nervous, scared kids through those doors. The first day of school isn't always easy, but you did it.

Sleep well tonight kindergarten parents. Change is a good thing.

*Photos wouldn't upload for me tonight for some reason...so insert super happy, excited Mya here* :)

Erica xox

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