Thursday, 18 June 2015

Sprinkles and kindness

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This was the moment.

The very moment that it happened. 

The very moment that this little boy, this excited little boy holding the most glorious treat in his hand, got a little too excited---and before a bite was even taken, that glorious big treat slipped right through those little fingers and landed smack on the floor. Sprinkle side down, of course. 

I had the split second thought of "10 second rule! Pick it up--it won't kill you". But then took a second look at that floor in the donut shop and decided that those sprinkles had met their fate. So, back up to the cash register we went...sad little boy holding my hand.  

And as I met eyes with the same man who had just handed this little boy his special treat moments before, I handed him my change and asked for another sprinkle donut please--because the first one didn't exactly make it. 

But instead of taking my change, he handed me a new donut and told me to put my money away. 

Because kindness will sneak up on you sometimes when you least expect it. 

And as the words thank you..thank you so very much!  came out of my mouth, I wanted to keep going. I wanted to tell him not only thank you for the donut that has now made my son so happy again--but thank you for showing him that kindness can come in so many forms. And kindness in the form of a free donut was right up Carter's alley.

But what I also wanted to tell that man behind the register was that what he didn't realize is that this donut--this very special treat--was a big reward for our little boy. A reward that was weeks in the making...dropping each jewel one by one into his special jar each time that he showed kindness, love, listening, patience and sharing. as I wrote about HERE.  So thank you for showing this to my son in return. Because it can feel sometimes like all we're doing all day long is trying to make sure that our kids are showing kindness, patience and love. And just when you feel like you're on a roll--when little people are showing the kind of positive behaviour that we're trying so hard to instill in them...well, in the blink of an eye all is forgotten for a moment and we're back to square one, reminding them again of the importance of kindness.

So to those kind eyes behind the counter at the donut shop...


Thank you for the most perfectly timed moment of kindness...all in the form of the most delicious treat.

Because this little boy worked hard filling up his jar full of many tiny jewels, and you have now shown him in the most perfect way that kindness can come in the most simplest of forms.

Happy Thursday everyone, from one happy little boy...belly full of sprinkle goodness!

Erica xo

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