Monday, 1 June 2015

So we don't forget

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Sometimes it can be overwhelming thinking about the responsibility of documenting our kids childhood--because I just don't want to forget. I don't want to forget what our kids looked like when they were only weeks old...toddlers, preschoolers and school age kids. I don't want to forget the funny things that they did, the silly things that they liked or the experiences that we've had. I don't want to forget the good times and I don't want to forget the hard times. Because in the end, it makes up our family story, and I want to one day be able to re-tell it and relive it without forgetting the details that made it so good and/or so challenging.

One day Terry and I will look back and think to ourselves "Do you remember when they were all so little? Do you remember when we had three kids under the age of four? Do you remember how crazy some mornings were? Do you remember how many times we had to put Carter back in his bed before he'd finally give up? Do you remember how Mya would ask for a million songs, at least 2 prayers, a back rub and anything else that she could come up with before finally letting us tuck her in and say goodnight? Do you remember how we felt like we were the Berenstain Bears family, since Carter would never refer to Mya by her actual name...he only referred to her as "Sister"? Do you remember how we used to joke about moving to the country until the kids were older to save our neighbours from the constant noise that comes from having so many little kids? Because someone is always laughing loudly, always crying loudly and always just making noise. Do you remember how Mya and Carter would play together for hours on end--squealing at the top of their lungs, laughing, chasing each other through the house...then they'd quickly fight about something ridiculous, then immediately go back to playing and loving each other again? Do you remember how they both adored their new baby sister, loved her more than anything and always always always wanted to hold her?"

I just don't want to forget.

It's really the main reason that I write...why I have a blog. It's not just the place anymore that I use to refer people to my little cake business, or the place that I refer people to when they ask for a recipe that I've made or a DIY or organizational project that I've tried. It has also now become a place where I can document the good, the bad, the hard times and the wonderful times that ultimately make up our one day I can show our kids. One day I'll look back and be able to remember. So when they ask me where their baby books are, I'll pull out the pages and pages of writing, pictures and videos of them from this very spot. So they can remember too. And on those days when I forget that I'm not only writing for my family--those days when I momentarily panic after seeing that the thousands of page views each month on this little baby book of mine mean that my words, pictures and memories are also being shared with a lot of other people...well, those are the days when I hope that it also means that others will remind us too.  

So, to our new little Sophia--this video is for you. So we can all remember this moment in time with you. So we don't forget the little things, like how the one and only song that lulls you to sleep each and every time is the song in this video. A song that I'll put on and play over and over again as I hold you in my arms and sway back and forth until your eyes close and you drift off to sleep. A song that your sister tells me to sing to you every time that I'm putting her to bed and you're in my arms starting to cry--because she knows it will settle you. A song that I will now always remember as yours.

Love, your mama

*If you have a crying baby in your arms, turn up your just might work for you as well

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