Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Easter sorrow to happiness and waiting on baby

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It's amazing what a year can do. I can't even really believe that an entire year has passed. But it's April again. It's the month that brings back memories of little people chasing after Easter eggs hidden all over mom and dad's house. It's the month that reminds me of turkey, ham and a huge Easter feast. It's the month that reminds me of family, laughter and sugar highs. But it's also the month that brings me back to last year at this time when we lost our baby. When our dreams of a third child were washed away. When our hearts were shattered and our world was brought to a halt. It's a month that still haunts me, still saddens me and still brings me to tears if I let myself think about it too much. I'm not sure that you ever really get over it.

But a year has passed now. And I'm ready to welcome a new little soul into this world. A little life who I have been desperately trying to keep inside of me for the past month, stuck on bed rest, but now finally able to actually relax--because this baby is ready. This baby can come now. We made it to Easter, which is maybe even a beautiful blessing that this baby is coming during the month that last year brought us so much sorrow. So much grief. Because this year, it was anything but sorrowful.

This year, it was great. It was magical and fun, and chocolate-filled and beautiful.

The Easter bunny came a few times this past Sunday. And the fact that Mya especially understood what was happening and completely fell into the magical experience of the Easter bunny coming to our house meant that this holiday was even more exciting for all of us.

The kids woke up to their house littered with colourful eggs full of treats, bouncy balls, chocolate bunnies and stickers...

and big sister helped little brother, until he found just as many treats as she had...which of course was just about the best part of it all for a mama to see. 

So with early morning chocolate indulgence, followed by Terry's bacon and egg breakfast...we got dressed into our cute Easter outfits and headed off to mom and dad's for more Easter egg hunting and food.  

Cute Easter baskets? Not necessary. According to us, that is. You get handed a big Tupperware container, as I always did as a kid, and you're told to go for it--fill it up, and then don't forget when all of the treats are found, we split them all up evenly. Everyone gets the same amount, so no one is sad at Easter time in this family. Not a soul.   

And then when all of the kids have found all of their treats, and they've all been divided out evenly..the adult hunt begins.

Back up kids.

It's the adults turn. And it can get a tad competitive.

So as everyone clears the space and turns their backs, mom and dad run around hiding more eggs for us big kids--and when they're done, it's an all out mad dash of Jen, Jeff, Terry and I tearing around the house scooping up treats and plowing each other over for the chocolates that are hidden in all of the places that we know to look. Because this adult hunt has been going on for as long as I can remember.

The only difference now though? We have several little people who can now help us divide all of these treats evenly when we're done--because even the adults egg hunt has to be fair.

But the best part of this Easter? Well, for me it was definitely finding out that our little Mya, who has been in an arm cast for these past couple of weeks (FYI, no more monkeys jumping on the couch in OUR house anymore!), was able to get a removable cast at the hospital the other day that we are supposed to be slowly weaning off of her.

So she helped little cousins learn to sit criss-cross applesauce for pictures, and was able to chase after Easter eggs without help. Which was just the best thing ever, for all of us.

So baby--whenever you want to come now, please do. We're ready. We're waiting. Thanks for staying put for this long, but I'm sore and uncomfortable now, just as I'm supposed to be days before my due please come. I'm dreaming of squishy newborn legs and chubby cheeks and a sleepy baby falling asleep on my chest. I can't wait.

Love, your very pregnant mama xox

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