Monday, 9 February 2015

A little story to restore your faith in humanity

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It's that moment when you're like "Just keep clicking Terry...

...we've gotta document this pregnancy without forgetting...

...because in the blink of an eye it'll be over and I don't want to miss it".

So we quickly pull out the camera, pull at least one willing kid in so we can remember how little they were when their mom was pregnant and we snap snap snap a bunch of pictures whenever we can. These pictures, although precious to me right now, will be even more precious years from now when this new baby is a toddler, a preschooler, a kindergartner and on and on. Because we don't want to forget.

So my heart was pounding as I lay in bed last night in the middle of the night wondering if I would ever get these pictures back.

Because I left my camera at the theatre when we brought the big kids (Mya and her cousin Oliver) to a kids theatre performance a few days ago and only realized that I forget it there two days later when I went to get my camera out to take a picture.

So, this post is only to remind you of one thing...this world is actually a good good place. People really are mostly good.

Because in the midst of my panic that our extremely expensive SLR camera was for sure stolen, along with all of my pictures and memories that were locked onto that memory card, I started to think that the world might just be out to get me...and my precious baby memories.

 But instead, my wonderful dad drove back to the theatre today while I was at school, walked in and retrieved this camera---this expensive, tempting camera--from the lost and found box. The lost and found box.  That same lost and found box that was full of things I'm sure like kids hats, a single mitten, maybe a water bottle--and our SLR camera.

The world is a good good place. People are good.

And it means that I could breathe again. Because these pictures were in my hands again.

 And our kids theatre experience could be tucked away now nicely into my photo files, along with our baby belly photos and all of the other pictures that I hadn't taken off of my memory card yet.

So we captured these serious musicians jamming together...

and getting to meet and learn from the performers, who taught them all about their musical instruments up close and personal.

And of course I found some oldies but goodies that I never want to lose, like four tiny cousins crammed into a box...

and sandwich parties in housecoats and jammies on mom and dad's couch.

So if your faith in humanity needed to be a bit restored tonight...please let it be.
Thank you to whoever chose to hand in our camera--our memories--instead of stealing it.

People are good.

Have a great night,
Erica xo

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