Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Love notes

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I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I've been this week.

I've been getting love notes from people all week long.

Not the kind of love note that I may have had passed to me in 7th grade from the boy three seats BETTER.

Love notes telling me that people are on their way over to Marillac Place, dropping off their donations, writing checks or sharing my blog post that I wrote last week with their friends. I've been reading emails from people saying that they sent out my plea to their mommy groups and are right now in the midst of collecting donations from kind and generous mamas. I've been reading Facebook messages telling me that Tim Horton's gift cards have been bought (enough for each of these teen moms) and as I write this at this very moment people are going through their collection of baby items at home and bagging them up, ready to drive them over to these girls who need them so desperately.

If your faith in people and their ability to be kind, generous and loving has ever wavered--let this moment be here to remind you that there are so so so many good people out there. Thank you to everyone. Thank you to those who have already dropped off their donations. Thank you to those who are in the midst of collecting things for these girls and thank you to those who have shared my post with all of their friends. These girls need so much--and the next pregnant girl who walks through their doors looking for help will benefit as well from everything that you're collecting, so thank you. We haven't gotten through their entire list yet, but we've done amazing things so far--so if you were considering making a donation please still do! In the midst of life that continues on in this household as usual, it's nice to be able sit back and take a moment to realize that these girls are going to have smiles on their faces on Christmas day because of you. So thank you.

And on another note...I'm off to clean up my living room--again...

Because, well, it looks like THIS...


The best climbing gym/fort/hide away that these two could ever ask for... 

So as we wake up literally every single morning to little hands pulling my neatly placed cushions off of my couch each day, I have a moment of thinking to myself  "Can't we just keep my living room tidy for one day? Just one??"--but then I watch as these two giggle, laugh and climb all over their mountain of cushions and I give in, let it be and realize that one day they'll look back and remember this. 

Memories are being made in my mess of a living room. And I kind of like it. 

Thanks again for all the love sent,

Erica xo 

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