Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Chocolate bar brownies and hotel bliss

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Friends. Look where Terry and I got to sleep the other night.

Yes, it's a hotel. A HOTEL!

It was quiet, lovely, calm. Wonderful.

We walked the streets of Toronto, hand in hand, stopping spontaneously to pick out some chocolate truffles, and sat in this lovely little shop to eat them...just because we could. We walked up and down the aisles of fancy stores slowly, looking at every single thing on each shelf...just because we could.

We got into our dressy clothes, trying to pretend that we were as fancy and cool as our Torontonian friends Julie and Jamie--but then remembered that my fancy pants still had tiny peanut butter finger prints on them and I pulled a soother out of my coat pocket when I was trying to find my keys.

We tried though.

And our kiddos? Well, we missed them desperately. I don't think I stopped thinking of them. And I may have even had a moment in the car on the way there when I said to Terry that maybe we should just turn around, since I missed them already--which consequently left me with a husband shaking his head and rolling his eyes at me as he laid on the gas.
Long story short though, it was wonderfully fun. And we have Terry's new company to thank for it. Best Christmas staff party EVER. Thanks Cheryl and your entire family and company!

We're back home though now, back to reality...and starting to get some treats ready for my parents own Christmas party coming up.

You need to try these.

Not only because they're decadent and delicious--but because they're so darn easy it's almost ridiculous. Oh, AND it uses up your left over Halloween candy..which (in my case), is a really good thing--I NEED to stop eating them.

My parents are having a little Christmas party soon, so Jen and I told mom we'd bake up some goodies for the table. These are the first of the batch. Popped them in my freezer yesterday afternoon, ready to be pulled out the day of so they'll be super fresh and ready to go.

They're brownies...with chocolate bars in them.

What can be better than that???

I got the inspiration from Pinterest, but decided to switch it up a little and make 2 bite brownies instead--so they'll be perfect finger food for the party...AND it'll be a surprise with every single brownie as to what kind of chocolate bar you'll bite into. Awesome.

Here is how I made them:

1) Mix up some brownie batter--any recipe or any boxed mix (whatever is easiest for you). Spray your tiny muffin tins with Pam BAKING spray (this is the ONLY stuff that I ever use when baking--it works amazingly every time).

2) Get out your Halloween candy and start cutting them in half.

3) Put a small scoop of batter into each muffin holder (just a bit to act as the bottom of your brownie).

4) Then squish a piece of chocolate bar on top of each.

5) Add another small spoon full of batter on top, and pop them in the oven at 350 for about 10minutes (or until you see a crust on top of each brownie).


So delicious, so easy...and a surprise every time!


Erica xo

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