Saturday, 13 April 2013

Baby Boy Shower

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Sometimes great, beautiful things are the perfect distraction from the stresses that life can sometimes bring. Our daily life isn't exactly predictable these days. Job loss isn't fun. Not in the least. It's a full time job to find a job, but we're hopeful, trying to be patient and keeping our heads up (most days). 

And motherhood? Well it kicked my butt today. The morning was wonderful, mind you, as we enjoyed a delicious brunch with friends--but the afternoon?..oh man. It felt like one of those days where the kids wouldn't stop screaming and whining, where I washed my face with hair conditioner since I was so exhausted from the rough night before {true story}, where the house was a mess and where you turn around to find the dog barfing on the carpet. Ya, that kind of day.  

But alas..a new day is already brewing. Tomorrow will be great. I'll make sure of it. 

So when life throws you lemons...throw a baby shower.

That's my theory at least. 

Friends, yummy food, drinks and celebrating new life helps to put things back into perspective and is a great reminder that life is so good. How can you not feel happy when thinking of a new baby?  

So after a lot of planning and organizing between mom, Jen and I...baking, making all of the signs after the kids went to bed and prepping all of the little details...  

Welcome to Matt and Amanda's baby shower.

Congrats you two! This little baby boy (to be) is going to be one lucky little guy when he finally makes his grand entrance into this world.    

Our handsome bartender..

Thanks my love!

Congrats Matt and Amanda! So happy for you both!

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