Saturday, 30 March 2013

A little Easter bark...a little egg hunting

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It's Easter weekend. You know what you should make??

Oreo cookie bark, with those perfectly placed Easter M&M's. OH MY GOODNESS, it's delicious.

I posted this recipe last year, so to find it click here. It's so easy. So yummy. So Easter(y).

Also, a little Easter tip:

If you like to make any kind of chocolate dipped stuff, buy the 1lb bunnies this Easter and put them in your freezer. It's a much cheaper way of buying chocolate and you can pull them out and use them all year long. My freezer is full of them.

P.S. If anyone has seen the white chocolate bunnies anywhere this year can you please let me know? Do they not sell them anymore??

 And how sad is it that we're doing Easter egg hunts in the SNOW???...geeze.

At least the sun came out this weekend and we got to pretend that it was bike weather.

At the first sign of sunshine, we raced over to mom and dad's house where the kids' balance bikes were being stored and let them try them out for the first time...

Mya and Oliver are both now obsessed.

And since mom and dad were away this weekend when we went to their house to get the bikes, we sent them this lovely family pic of us...from their liquor cabinet.

Sometimes we think we're hilarious.

Happy Easter!

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