Thursday, 15 December 2011

Easy, Pretty and Cheap Christmas Ornaments

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      My sister Val and I were hanging out the other day and she told me that she was looking to make something easy and beautiful to give away as little Christmas gifts to some of the people in her life. With a tight budget in mind, we discovered an incredibly simple gift idea that costs literally (maybe) a few dollars at most. All you need is a Christmas ball (any colour and size you'd like), some glass beads-any colour you'd like (which I swear everyone probably has somewhere in their house..and if you don't, ask your mom or sister)--or buy some from Dollarama for a buck. You'll also need a gluegun and some ribbon and about 15mins total. 
    Here is how we did it:

1) Heat up your glue gun and starting at the top of your ornament, begin gluing the glass beads in a circular formation around the ball.

2) Keep gluing the beads side by side, all around the ball, all the way down the ornament. 

3) As you get to the bottom be careful that you don't end up with too much space (or not enough space to place your last couple of beads).

4) Cut, then tie a pretty ribbon through the top of the ornament and voila, you're done! Easy as pie, and SO pretty (especially when they catch the light and you can see them sparkle on your tree). 
Val and I made these ones with red balls and red beads  

I used a sparkly teal coloured ball for this particular one (so you can see the pretty teal colour peeking through the clear beads). So easy, so pretty!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful idea, Super Woman!! Maddie was looking for an idea of an ornament to make for all of her aunts. This is perfect! (Oh - how I wish I could be you!!) - Jenny W

  2. That's great Jenny! I'm sure all of her aunts will love them!

  3. Great idea sis! Loving the blog :)

  4. love this idea!!


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